Find this 8 medicinal foods for rockin your libido

Boost your libido with these magic ingredients.

Oh, playing in the alchemical kitchen with a lover or before making love to yourself is magic…

In its greatest form.

There’s one thing about using food for energy, vitality, and aliveness. Performance.

There’s another thing about using food to turn yourself on.

Aphrodisiacs, we like to call them.

The substances that help rip clear any blockage we have to fully feel.

(Combine that with presence, divine honoring, and listening trusting and exploring with a courageously compassionate heart… and BAM- you are golden.)

Food has the ability to open up our energy centers, feed our life force, and open the heart.

Certain foods will also get juices flowing through your pussy and tear away sludge among your third eye.

Tapping in to your sensuality is tapping in to your power.

“Feelin yourself” is your relationship to the Divine.

And everything matters.

The lighting. The music. The pre-game. 

The mindset. The heart. The body activation.

The intention. The presence.

Everything matters.

Especially the substances in your body before you go in to make love.

I just want you to imagine a really heavy meal right now- filled with ingredients you can’t even name. Imagine the energy of this meal. (Fried, greasy, heavy, lethargic.)

And then imagine that inside of you.

Try to access your sensuality from there.

Nope. I know. It won’t happen.

Turning yourself on is your job.

It’s nobody else’s.

Don’t you go on eating fried onion rings and then blaming your partner for not turning you on.

It starts within you.

Let these medicinal foods and herbs start the process.

As you’re in the kitchen preparing for magic and love, send each ingredient love. Engage with it fully. Become present to the experience of taking in another substance into your body.

This is sex already.

  1. Vanilla: Vanilla Bean (the actual black bean) is heaven. I mean come on, just smell it and you might fall back on the floor in bliss.
  2. Cistanche: It’s called Cistanche in your pants for a reason. Cistanche is a rare and precious tonic herb from the desert of Inner Magnolia. It is known as a yang tonic that supports sexual and physical prowess. It is famous as the herb that Genghis Khan used the most. This man fathered more children than any other known man in history. Yep.
  3. Raw Cacao: If you can get 100 percent pure raw cacao paste, that is your best friend. Absolutely more potent than powdered cacao. High in magnesium and activating to all the yummy turn on hormones.
  4. Ho Shou Wu: A taoist herb, known as a rejuvenation tonic of all kinds. It rejuvenates, tonifies, and nourishes the hair, skin, nervous system, spirit, life force, and of course- the sexual center. Try just 1/4 teaspoon mixed into a tonic or beverage of your choice.
  5. Damiana: Damiana is a green leaf known to turn on the happy hormones! Across cultures it is used for sexual desire, nerve relaxant, digestive stimulant, and mood enhancer. Try brewing a tea, adding a powder to a tonic, or sucking some of this magic elixir under your tongue: Emmanuel’s Elixirs – Awakening Aphrodisiac
  6. Ghee Butter: Clarified butter is a good source of vitamin E, also know as the sex vitamin, and can help provide the body with the energy needed for a long night–or day–of passion. And I mean yeah it tastes like smooth caramel goodness so you can’t really go wrong there.
  7. Maca: An adaptogenic root from mainly the mountains of Peru… maca helps balance the hormones, enhance energy, and provide a lovely life force. Improved stamina, fertility, sexual function, memory, and focus. Try the gelatinized maca powder from Raw Revelations inside an elixir like this.
  8. Rose: When you are tapped in to your senses (really) can you resist falling into a heart centered love puddle when you smell a fresh bunch of roses? Didn’t think so! Have them around sure…. but also add some rose tincture or rose essential oil (which you can find at Whole Foods) to your tonics and magical elixirs.

There you have it.

Enjoy getting in—- really in—- to your body, like so.

My only request: feel these foods while they are slipping down to your belly.

Really feel them.

Food is information.

Connect in to the magic.

Know there is magic, and close your eyes to receive.

It all starts from there.



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