Breast Massage:

Breast massage. It’s yummy. Self-knowing. A beautiful worship to Self.

It’s a way to connect in, love, and bring healing and pleasure within.

Healing doesn’t have to be all coffee enemas and expelling toxic spirits… and pleasure doesn’t have to be all jade eggs and yoni wands (although hey hey hey I love you to all).

Breast massage is a relaxing, invigorating, energy-releasing, and healthful anti-aging practice that you’ve got at your fingertips (literally).

You can receive a loving touch breast massage from your lover (a heart opening experience for sure), but today I’m going to touch upon why you want to give one to yourself, and often. And then some tips in goiiiiing on in.

Some beautiful benefits of practicing breast massage include:

  • Movement of the lymphatic system

This is the sewage system in the body. Its the first place we look to clean up when there is sickness or stagnation from within. When the lymphatic system is flushing properly, we feel energetic and alive, creative and excited- as a child does. Breast massage starts moving and flushing the lymphatic system, in spots and ways that other massage doesn’t do. To really give yourself a good flush, massage underneath your armpits too.

  • Empowerment of your hands as your own healing system

There is nothing and nobody that can heal you as you can.

You have the magic and the alchemy that is needed to release, receive, and bring about the activated wellness you seek.

Sure there are beautiful and powerful healers in the world. They have also cultivated their healing powers, and you can do the same.

Outsourcing healing is necessary too, and there a gorgeous thing about sitting back to simply receive. But you have the chance to give yourself this gift daily, and you can empower yourself in the knowing that its all inside!

  • The removal of anxiety and stress that gets held in the chest

There’s a reason your anxiety and stress is held in your chest and in your heart.

Performing a breast massage can help release old emotional baggage stored in this space and help get the body in a relaxed enough space to shift the way it responds in times of stress next time.

No more storing it in there.

Use loving hands and go in with the intention of opening your heart, breathe into that, and trust me- that’s what will happen.

Your heart is right there, above your breasts, so you get to care for your heart at the same time.

  • Relax the nervous system

Relaxing isn’t just sitting on the coach and reading a book these days.

Our nervous systems are so jacked up that we have to take conscious effort to truly relax.

The nervous system in a relaxed mode makes the body digest better, metabolize faster, and think easier. It means breath is easy to flow, body is able to move, and the worries are leaving. Breast massage will help.

  • Decreased risk of breast cancer or heart disease

Not only is massaging your breasts a great way to keep track of any lumps of any kind that may form in this space, but by moving the lymphatic system and draining toxins in the area, it can help decrease the risk of breast cancer and heart disease.

  • Increased confidence in body

I will say it every day a zillion times until you get it, lover. You won’t be confident in your body until you are embodied in your body. You must connect. Your mind and body are one in the same. If the thoughts up there in that crazy mind of yours are judgement central, you must get into the love you have for you, and move into it- embody it. Use your hands. 

  • A removal of any shame

Breast massage will also help remove any breast shame that you carry within.

I don’t know about you, but I thought that body parts were supposed to look a very particular way, when I was growing up.

Clearly, there is no better time to own the fact that we all have beautiful and unique forms, and the time is now to embrace our bodies as we are.

Your internal organs and physical body might not have received the knowing that you are divine as you are, even if you’ve tried to believe it to be so.

Make peace with your small, or large, or collapsed nipple, or juicy, or yummy, or saggy breasts by performing massage on yourself.

When you go in to give yourself a relaxing massage, make sure you are in the right environment, clearly. Be comfortable. Relax your full body and mind. Warm up your hands. Touch yourself with intention.

There is a method that I teach clients, but you’re intuition is pretty strong over there, don’t doubt yourself. You can start whenever you want.

I recommend working the perimeter of the breast (underneath on both sides, over the liver, the intercostals, the ribs, and the upper breasts) before going in to massage the full breast or the nipple.

And breathing. Deep. Strong. Delicious Breaths.

Right into your breasts.

Don’t forget to breathe.

Once you are a little warmed up, squeeze and hold them for 5 seconds while inhaling and exhaling into the center or wherever you are feeling energy, and then exhale and release. Keep doing this process and intuitively use the healing energy inside of you to gift yourself the most delicious massage.

Maybe your massage is healing and introverted and you use it for physical and wellness purposes only.

Maybe you notice your libido increase and the breast massage turns into a pleasure practice or something you use to turn yourself on before a self-pleasure sesh.

Either way, its all good.

Listen to your body and the energy that wants to come through.

Whatever it is, its medicine for you.

And yes if you haven’t figured it out by now, you need your own medicine.

I teach you my fav breast massage ritual inside Radiant Heart Activation… right this way. 

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