4 mindset shifts for goddess embodiment

goddess embodiment

Goddess embodiment.

I used to be afraid of the word goddess. It was so distant, so aloof. 

I couldn’t take it in, receive it with embodied awareness. 

It rolled off my skin as fast as a compliment would, those days. 

One time in specificity, I had a coach that told me to repeat “I am a goddess. And I am the divine feminine” multiple times and then she asked me how I felt, apparently thinking I’d be all “Yeah I am empowered, that is me!!!!” 

It felt like crap. Saying those words.

I didn’t see myself as divine or as a… goddess.

I saw myself as… broken. Needing healing. Quite depressed and lost after ‘losing myself’ in a relationship for a year. 

I was binge eating, going through this rough break up, not fully owning my gifts or thriving in my business.. and my worth was completely body based. 

I didn’t see myself as a goddess- How could this way of being in my life – the habits that were literally tearing me down, and my life as it was, my body as she was… how was that divine? Feminine? A goddess? 

Over time, I learned mindset shifts that completely altered my view of what divine and goddess even mean. And I’m going to share those with you here. 

I learned that pain, low vibrational living, and feeling overstuffed with energy and food… its just a part of life. And these moments, times, and days weren’t shunned by the goddess.. they were welcomed. Loved on. Accepted.

These were the moments that triggered her darkness, but had her acknowledge her light. 

Because the goddess is everything. 

Now… I can’t see myself as anything but a goddess. And I can’t see you as anything but, either. 

Confident from an inner knowing… an authentic knowing… a unique space of ME-ness.. this is how I live.

And I can’t wait to share with you how you can start that journey too. 

There are a few key mindset shifts that can shift you from judgment, criticism, and self-destruction to a goddess-level mindset that will support your greatest self-loving self. 

These mindset shifts will put you in the steering wheel of your life.

This is about taking full responsibility, shifting consciousness up and up, and filling all the gaps with love.

Truth is, theres a lot of darkness in this world. And we can see whatever it is we want to see..

Deeper: the ego will see whatever the ego wants to see and pick up on in the field. So, we need to train the brain otherwise.

In essence, we’ve gotta get our mindset game on strong.

Here are your shifts. 

The first shift: “This isn’t happening to me, its happening for me.”

When you start seeing everything as for you,instead of just happening to you… you not only honor the interconnection and magic in life.. stepping into the feminine gift… but you also take full honor ship of your life and start responding with your higher self.

If you find yourself in a place of victimhood while in a funk, remember to remind yourself that the experience is a signal from your soul.

The second shift: My body is working with me.

It’s so easy to feel a little excess weight or be experiencing pain and think that the body is working against you.  

For years when I had chronic fatigue and candida, I always felt that my body was punishing me, and that we’d never get along. 

What happened from there was a binge eating habit that started draining my confidence to the core.

Until I believed that my body was working with me, I didn’t heal.

And here’s why: when you believe your body is working with you, you actually listen to the messages that she sends.

If you have an internal belief that your body is working against you, you won’t ever be able to listen to her- even when she sends messages of healing and love. 

One of the most challenging things my clients face in regards to accepting this one is confusion around why the body would lead her to overeat and binge. If she was working with me, why would she hurt me? 

The only reason she would hurt you is if she wasn’t being fully listened to: mind, body, soul. Or she wants to get your attention, she wants to give you wisdom… and you won’t listen. So she will act out. 

Instead of judging her when she gives you signals your ego mind does not like… listen. 

When there is fatigue, you rest. When there is stress, you breathe. When there is pain, slow down and ask what is out of alignment with your best. 

The body is a feedback mechanism, but if you are constantly telling her that she is wrong and lacking trust with your inner world, she will do the opposite of what you want.

What happens when you don’t feel heard from your partner or best friend? The goddess side: you communicate whats on your heart. The shadow side: you get into a bitch mood, you hold things in and feel hurt from those you love, or you burst in anger. 

Time to communicate with you. Your inner world. 

If this one hits home for you, every time you catch yourself angry at your body ask her-

“What are you trying to teach me / show me / illuminate on my path?”

The third shift: I’m allowed to be a masterpiece and a work in progress at the same time.

We’re all trying to be perfect.

We try to have the perfect bodies, and the perfect movements, and the perfect skin, and the perfect health and the perfect business.. all of it.

We try to be on at all times. 

We barely give ourselves time to rest, digest, and integrate experiences these days. 

We are one project to the next, one meal to the next, one conversation to the next… 

And while aiming to rise… lift ourselves into our highest potential.. is what we need to move into who we came here on earth to be…

if we don’t allow ourselves to also relax into who we are right now… and be perfect and whole as we are right now.. we are doing ourselves a huge disservice.

Confidence isn’t in the future.

It isn’t in the past.

The only possibility for it is right here and right now.

You can work into more confidence for yourself in the future and still embody the greatest capacity of it right now as you are.

If you wait until you are fully healed, fully healthy, fully confident, fully integrated, fully wise, fully brilliant… you’ll be waiting forever. 

The world is ready for your magic, and the world is ready now. 

The fourth shift: Every Emotion is Welcomed with Grace

As we rise in consciousness and evolution on the planet, its likely we dip into some ‘just be positive’ people and start the journey of self-destruction during already present self-destruction… 

Why do we do that?! 

We feel shitty and NOW we feel shitty that we feel shitty…!!! 

No more. 

A goddess embraces each emotion, each feeling, each level of being. 

Sometimes she’s turned on. Sometimes she’s creative. Sometimes she’s magic. Sometimes she’s witchy. Open. Sensual. Expansive. Fun. Free. Goofy. Alive. 

Other times she’s sad. Angry. Raged. Mad. Sensitive. Empathic. Low. 

And each level of being- its welcomed. 

I personally used to experience these lows following these highs in life… and I wasn’t aware that that was… natural.

Experiencing a low is nature.

Experiencing a funk is the way we learn.

Experiencing negativity with an open space to feel and permission to sink in- its freedom.  

The goddess is a woman who shows all sides of herself, honestly and authentically.

The goddess is you, if you allow yourself to be.

The question then becomes, are you ready to step in and up to the fullest and most activated you? All it takes is one single choice. 

If you viewed yourself as already healed, whole, healthy, and… the goddess…  right now- what actions in your life would shift?

I love you.

Time for a mindset haul…

toward the greatest, most vulnerable and authentically empowered you,



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