The Colors of Self Love. Learn to Adore Your Full Range.

the colors of self love:

To love yourself, to practice devotional self love, is to live with yourself, and that includes every color of who you are.

Dark, light, intense, or vast.

Crazy or sad or frustrated at times, too.

Self love doesn’t pick and choose on emotion.

It doesn’t compare. It doesn’t try to be anything its not.

It’s natural. It’s the backbone. And its unconditionally yours to claim.

Self love

The combination of the practice and devotion of self care.

Intense presence.

Becoming the observer of your story and not judging, only seeing to evolve.

Opening as love in any and every moment possible. Staying open when it hurts the most.

Allowing the archetypes of goddess to play in the spectrum of dance.

Healing the child inside that doesn’t feel enough.

Letting go of the need to be anyone you’re not.

Striving to be more of who you really are.

And then refining the process so its not only about the amount of kale consumed or how many yoga clothes got soaked in sweat that week. 

Wanna hear the 4 self-love mistakes I always see?

You aim to be emotionless

If your friend was sad one day would you pick at her and tell her that she better shape up or would you encourage her to understand her feelings and express herself to you and the world? 

The goddess- aka you- has many archetypes. One is not better than the next. 

Welcome bliss, welcome ecstasy, welcome enjoyment. 

But don’t forget sadness, anger, or fear. 

Why can’t you love yourself when you experience these darker sides of you?

You become a self love copycat

How many times have you been doing something and you got an image of someone else- some other person- and thought “They wouldn’t do this. This must not be self loving.” Yeah… 

I want you to start catching yourself every time you do this. 

You see- your version of self love looks absolutely different than mine. 

To think that you can base your version of what self love means to you off of what it means to me is cheating yourself from finding your own way. 

If your self love were independent of mine and anyone else’s… what would it look like? 

You keep saying you try

I haven’t always believed or aligned with the quote “There is no try, there is only do” (its always felt so rigid and masculine to me!!!) but here is a different story. 

If you’re saying that you are trying to love yourself, you’re simply giving yourself an excuse not to open to love in the present moment. 

That’s all. 

You are unconsciously keeping yourself from all the love available right now. 

So no more telling yourself that you’re trying. Relax. Open. Be love now. 

You keep it conceptual or surface level

Self love can be embodied, and for the feminine… it must be. 

The body must soften into it. 

Self love has a posture. It has a way of sitting within the skin.

It’s not only about the way or the what behind your food for the week.

Your body must feel the radiant light of self love as well.

That’s (one of the reasons) why I recommend sensual self practice

I love me, so you can love you.

This is what health feels like, radiance, magnetism, and a life of beauty and awe.

It starts. Within. You.

Enjoy the ride. 



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Ashae Sundara is a leadership coach for the most magical women on the planet.

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