This is Your Permission to Create.

Somewhere along my journey called life I let myself believe that I needed more wisdom, a better degree, higher health, and xx xx xx to create art, healing, support, service, courses, and creations in the world.

Relate?? Do you hold yourself back from producing something magnificent because of an idea of who you should already be (that you’re not) before you make your art?

I think that somewhere along the line we learned that in order to create, we needed permission.

We lost the art of creating as Source was being channeled through us.

No more of that, k?

If you’ve halted the movement coming through you…
or you lost touch with your creative art…
or you just need the permission to continue…
then I wrote these words for you.

This is your permission to create, dear goddess. 

The inspiration, the art, the light-beams that are flowing through your body now. 

The paintings. 

The orgasms. 

The courses. The posts. 

The clients. The business. The businesses.

The projects. 

The videos. 

The songs. 

The embodied love

You have permission to share, to design, and to birth a new beginning for the world. 

That inner knowing that gets covered by fear… now is the time to listen to the call. 

Who told you that you needed a degree to open yourself to love? 

No schooling, no training, no approach can give you the knowing I’m about to spread into your butterfly wings. 

Creations from the heart are always transformationally true. 

Creations from a place of bodily awareness can never disappoint. 

Creations from the healing of your personal pain are the answer to the crisis you see before your eyes. 

Let your journey back home to your heart be your inspiration, daily.

No moment will exist where you’ve mastered your learning, your gift, enough to share… if that day is not today.

And that day is today. 

You are the answer to this world of one-minded fear.

When you create from your inner knowing, you set us all free. 

Your creations are the gift to creation itself. 

When you create, The Goddess rejoices in glory. She sings in celebration. 

She recognizes herself in You. 

You are meant to create, dear goddess. 


Because that little baby of inspiration inside of you will flow somewhere else, to another goddess willing to take the call, if you don’t pick up the phone and say, “Hello, I love you, I’m here to serve you, and I will.” 

Serve your urges, your inspirations, your artist. 

Serve the part of you that sees you fully. 

Serve the being that nudges you awake at night to see the full moon in her radiant glory. 

Serve the one you know you can be. 

As you create, glorify and celebrate each step. They’re not all inherently blissful and many times they’ll push each button and trigger you have.

But, creation is why you are here. 

It’s the rapture of the flame called insight within. 

It’s orgasmic potential, expressed. 

Creation is aliveness, like the time you bursted in uncontrollable laughter and couldn’t sit still.

Its vitality; remember how you felt after 7 days on juice? Finally done and also radiantly gifted, too? 

Creation is abundance, as form generates itself again and again and again- bringing all that is aligned your way. 

And creation is who you are. 

So if the permission is what you needed… you’ve got it here.

Your art is ready for the world.

It’s time to be seen.

Open your heart and allow. 




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Ashae Sundara is a leadership coach for the most magical women on the planet.

Her life’s work is in healing the universal feminine heart.

Money. Embodiment. Energy. Sex.  And Soul.

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