Breast Massage Ritual, Body Love, and Orgasmic Turn Ons Every Day

Breast Massage Ritual, Body Love, + Orgasmic Turn Ons Every Day. Read More @

I went 24 whole years without massaging my breasts. I went 24 whole years judging their shape and form.

I clearly went 24 years without really connecting to my own heart. 

And I know without a shadow of a doubt, I’m not alone. 

The breasts are one of the most ignored places on a woman’s body. 

We get our backs and our feet and our hands and our heads massaged (and we’ve even forgotten the art of breast stimulation before going in to sensual self practice or before connecting intimately with a lover)… and its almost as if we forgot the whole channel in front and center. 

The breasts are a physical extension of the heart. 

When we give the breasts attention, we give the heart attention

We open to who we really are- free of distraction, confusion, shame, and judgment of Self. 

And we do way more than that…

We also turn ourselves on to life, to ecstasy, to the flowing orgasmic juices inside. 

We unlock repressed emotion and clear our emotional epicenter from the words we told ourselves, untrue. 

If you want a deeper connection to yourself, your sensual and ecstatic energy body unleashed, to experience a better sex life, to feel your true desires, and to remove toxic energy from your body… a daily breast massage ritual will be your best friend. 

The Juices Start Here

In the Tantric tradition, the breasts are the positive pole of the body for a woman. (It’s the opposite for a man, his positive pole is his penis.)

The positive pole is seen as the area in the body that needs stimulation first, before making love or beginning sensual self practice alone.

Bringing stimulation to this area is basically a wake up call to the rest of the body to turn on… to embody… to get present… to start the process of absolute alignment with the highest potential of pleasure. 

When the breasts are massaged, the heart opens. The emotions soften. The love starts to erupt.. flowing downward into the belly and eventually all the way down to the pussy. 

You can almost imagine that massaging the breasts is sending a river-like substance down the front of the body to the yoni to open her and allow her to soften in to feel. 

Many men go in to pleasure their woman and start with direct stimulation, and this is just one of the reasons that many women can’t experience orgasm. 

You probably do it too, in your own self practice with self. You go right in! 

The problem with that is that the juices… the hormones, the neurotransmitters, the oxytocin… the feelings of safety, enjoyment, and love… they all start within the breasts. 

You Sensual Soul

Massaging the breasts and getting into a daily ritual is an easy way to create an ease into a sensually and sexually expansive life with yourself or your partner. 

If you want to start seeing your body as a radiant goddess of orgasmic light… if you want to step in to experience your body in her sensual nature… if you want to turn yourself on… you might be intimidated, given where you’re at. 

We’e gotten images over the years of what it looks like to be turned on. 

We’ve gotten images of what it looks like to be sensually or sexually empowered and quite frankly… EVERY one of these images is false. 

Why? Because this image is not you. 

Just like your face and your skin is unique, so is your sexual essence… your turn on… your sensuality. 

It will never look a certain way, because its however your Soul guides it to be for you. 

Every time a woman wants to start a sensuality practice with herself, the first thing I have her do is breast massage. 

Not only is a breast massage practice a simple and easy way to get the hormones flowing and the love molecules rocking themselves out… it helps a woman connect in to the love she has for Self.

Breast + Body Love

“Am I radiant enough? Am I beautiful enough? Am I sexy enough? Am I enough?” 

This is the feminine wound, the question we are all here to clear. 

We must remember, and know in our hearts, it is true. 

But we go years and years telling ourselves lies about our precious body vessels. 

We say… “You’re wrong. You need fixing. You need to look like xxx.” 

What happens is that the body starts remembering these moments like their truth. The body starts believing the words. 

What are some of the judgments you’ve had on your breasts? 

I felt like mine were the wrong shape, size, and feel for most of my life.

Do you carry any of that within you? 

What are some of the other judgments you have about your body? Your nose? Your thighs? Your stomach? 

Because guess what… your heart has been listening all along. 

Your heart heard every single time you told yourself you weren’t good enough to get what you wanted deep down.

And its time to clear that shit out and come back to the purity of who you are. 

Breast massage is one of the easiest ways to bring a woman into more authentic body love and help her fall in love with the body she has now. 

We are so quick to change and evolve ourselves (thank goodness for expansion and growth!) but we need to balance that with a feminine approach of appreciation for what we have and who we are now. 

Your body is enough. Perfect. Radiant now.

Breast massage will remind you of that and help you fall in love with your sweet shape. 

This is the Good Stuff

A daily breast massage ritual is one of my favorite recommendations to combine the powerful alchemy of sensuality, breath work, meditation, and energy clearing all into one. 

There are so many benefits of a daily practice, I want you to get this straight!!!! 

Here are some gifts you have to look forward to:

  • Reduced PMS symptoms including cramps and heavy flow
  • Increased sexual turn on
  • Hormone healing and re-balancing
  • Connection to your heart and innermost core
  • Lymphatic system detoxification (this is the sewage system in the body) 
  • Rewire your ability to see your body in love 
  • Rewire your ability to orgasm and the sensation in your breasts
  • Radiant heart connection to your lover, friends, and people you meet on the daily 
  • Removal of toxic energy from yourself or relationships of the past stored in the heart
  • Daily cleansing of repressed emotion

We carry shame, guilt, frustration, anger, and fear in the heart… we carry love and adoration and gratitude there too… but if we aren’t feeling ourselves… we aren’t really feeling ourselves.. And that’s that. 

Feel Yourself, Set Yourself Free

When you aren’t feeling… you are caging yourself in a box of who you think you should be. 

When you aren’t feeling… you are storing emotion in the body, food for the organs to break down. 

When you aren’t feeling… you aren’t healing, you aren’t living, you aren’t opening to the expanded possibility of who you are here on Earth to be.

And I get it, its not easy to feel.

The first time I went to get into a breast massage ritual I was overwhelmed with the amount of emotion stored there that I could feel… and it quite literally hurt to process it all. But its the only way. 

Orgasmic Turn Ons, on the reg 

When the body is turned on… running ecstasy and sensation through the bones… whether from a breast massage, an intimate outing, a sunset, or even a bite of the most delicious chocolate of your life… you remember who you are.

Orgasmic turn ons on the regular are important for every woman, especially for the sensitive light-worker star being human here to change the planet with light….!


Well… a lot of us are here to lift the vibration of the planet. So… we are definitely given our own set of triggers, challenges, and obstacles to face first… in order to do our work.

And… the physical body is dense. A lot of us have felt a lot of shame, a lot of pain, a lot of intensity in the human form. 

If you don’t feel safe in your body… you’re not alone.

But this is something to transform.

You are a star child in essence, but you are ecstatic in this physical form. You can be, at least. 

When you bring orgasmic energy in… you re-write the story of “I’m so sensitive and its not safe here… this body of mine.”  

You deserve to feel… 

Free of pain. 

Free of judgment.

Free of stress, and guilt, and fear. 

Orgasmic energy reminds us what we are here for, in the first place… love. 

Ecstasy is The Goddess herself. It’s the truth of health, radiance, and awakening to more expansive levels of awareness, consciousness, and being. 

When a woman is turned on, she is in her power. 

Shakti coursing through her body, she knows her worth. 

Breast massage is the simplest way to step yourself into the fire of orgasmic turn ons on the reg. 

Are you ready? Want to go deeper and explore the avenues of embodied heart centered self love? 

Get inside Radiant Heart Activation– it’s an ongoing container that you can join at any time.

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