The Diet for Dieters Sick of Dieting.

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If you’re anything like me or any of my clients, you’ve tried to control your food and your body’s weight and shape for years.

To be honest… for good reasons. To heal your skin, or poop daily (ha!!!), or to get strong and in great shape! 

…but that honest first intention may have created and turned in to some spiritual congestion for you…
(Things work, until they don’t!)

I went years diet and cleanse hopping.. confused about what to eat… and it led to binge eating, overeating, and generally feeling energetically closed and disembodied wherever I went. The path of trying to be perfect with my food led to social anxiety and isolation, too.

Do you relate?

Have you ever gotten a simple question from a family or friend... “So… how are you exercising lately?” or… “Are you happy in your life?”

And all of a sudden you are on an internal rollercoaster making meaning from the statement like… “OMG I MUST BE FAT AND WORTHLESS AND UNHEALTHY NEED TO FIX MY DIET LIKE NOW! Ughhhhhhhh!”

I get you.

We learned early on that being skinny was the road to happiness and anything but that was… wrong.

The funny thing is that all the control we try to contain ends up backfiring, big time.

The body is screaming on the inside… “I want to feel good!!!!”

And the mind thinks that control = feel good.

The mind doesn’t understand that control = stress, anxiety, guilt, and fear. (Which are the #1 contributors to weight gain and pain in the first place.)

The mind needs to understand this concept. Pleasure wins.

I learned the best diet trick in the world and I want to share it with you.

I’m on the pleasure diet. It’s the one all of my clients go on, too.

When I allowed myself to go on the pleasure diet, I stopped binge eating.

When I allowed myself to go on the pleasure diet, I let go of thinking I was ‘doing it all wrong.’

When I allowed myself to go on the pleasure diet, I lost stress, anxiety, and guilt.

I gained radiance, from the inside out.

Here’s the gist:

When you listen to your body… your body works with you… not against you.

You start speaking the same language.

Your body starts trusting you… when you start trusting her.

She leads you to what is most pleasurable – both physically, mentally, and spiritually.

And pleasure heals.

We are here for pleasure, to experience turn on and light.

Pleasure isn’t donuts and twinkies… its whats truly pleasurable for all parts of your Self… and it changes daily.

When you listen to your craving for mind-blasting orgasm, for heart to heart connection, for meals where you’re not sitting there on your phone…
you create space for your deepest dreams to make way.

Listen to your body.

True pleasure is pleasure that lasts longer than the five minutes of consumption.

Breathe into your belly, a whole lot during your day… so you hear the true intuition that comes from this place.

Trust your urges.

It is the mis-trust that guides you astray.

Your suffering is not possible within true pleasure.

So again, connect in.

Follow your heart.

You deserve your deepest desires.

The ones that feel good in your body and soul.

You deserve your desires for the way you wake up in the morning.

For food, for sex, for sitting in a coffee shop for hours to write.

Ask yourself: what is desiring this? Love or something else?

Pleasure heals. Yes, I’ll say it again.

Your body, biz, and life will arrange to meet you there.


When you choose to listen to your desires.. the ones that come from your heart… everything aligns.

So if you’re wondering still if your desires are your desires and how to know they are coming from love…

If you question…
How do I know that they are not coming from an outside source? From the Small Self?

How do I know that the pleasure isn’t coming from an egoic place?

This is the answer:
Your heart. You get in touch with your heart.
You embody.. you take up space… in your heart.

I created Radiant Heart Activation to help you create a real relationship with your body and heart space… so that following pleasure… following your desires… is leading you down the road and path of your higher self.

I love you. 

You deserve your own path of pleasure and love. 





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