Ditching Clitoral Orgasm for the Ecstatic Stuff

Ditching Clitoral Orgasm for the Ecstatic Stuff @ carlymorgangross.com

They say that some women can ONLY have clitoral orgasm, and thats simply a L I E.

Deeper orgasm is available to every woman willing to awaken the muscle of ecstasy, relaxation, and love.

“Most women (apparently) can only have clitoral orgasm and that’s that.”

These ecstasy assassins will convince you that because you’ve never explored the depths of G-spot and Cervical orgasm, that your body is simply meant for clitoral orgasm- call it a day. 

Saying that, is like saying your body is not made for handstands because you tried to do them for a week and couldn’t get the hang. (Ha, I’ve been using the wall for years… one day!) 

What I hear when I hear this statement is not that of women’s bodies are unable to experience oceans of orgasm…

I hear that of women have yet to awaken this muscle. That’s all.

Awakening the ability- alone or with a sacred container and partner- takes time… effort… practice… and most of all… opening and with devotion, exploring the power thats already there. 

I want you to understand your pleasure potential. To do so, you have to know your body. You have to explore. You have to be with your sensual self.

External Orgasm, Fake Fun

For over a year, (and now that I think of it, probably longer than that) I started to feel all icky after a clitoral orgasm. Kinda like… k…. what was the point of that? Felt good for a second.. but where are the lasting benefits? 

For beginners sake, a clitoral orgasm is an orgasm experienced by simply stimulating the clit- on the outside of the vagina. 

Have you ever had one… and then became extremely sensitive in the area and had to either push your lover away or stop what you were doing all-together? 

There are 6000 nerve endings on the clitoris alone. 

Don’t get me wrong, its a sacred seductive, juicy, and important part of our bodies.

But I’ve come to understand that in order to work with (move and use) sexual energy, create lasting ecstasy and internal consciousness, and to experience flowering openings to love… the clit is just the first gateway but not the end goal. 

Awaken with Ecstasy

You body’s ability to open in ecstatic surrender to the feeling of orgasm is a road to unleash ample creative power and conscious knowing. Its a doorway to spiritual depth and heart opening love. 

If your body can’t open, your light and your love can’t fully emit and give. 

When your body is opening and when there are waves of pleasure moving through you… you have the ability to re-wire your brain for a life of heart-centered giving and a life run by your soul. 

If your belly is hardened.. your pelvis is locked… your chest is tight… your vagina is closed down or numbed.. then your light is prevented from fully moving through for the world. Your heart isn’t able to fully open and give. 

Working on opening through the surrender to deep orgasm- alone or with a partner- is a chance for you to move stagnant energy, open your heart to more love you have for you, your partner (if you have one), your mission on Earth, and open new channels of light and consciousness that can educate the brain that you are safe and give you the creative impulse to be your true self. 

Fast Pleasures are not Necessarily a Bad Thing

If you’ve only had a clitoral orgasm or if thats your primary practice right now… no worries. They are a beautiful form that will prepare you to open to more love. 

However, external (clitoral) orgasms are the most superficial. 

Little emotional and spiritual surrender, trust, and knowing is needed. 

They are very clearly better than nothing, but you can train your body for more. 

Vaginal Kung-Fu

Years ago, I took an online program from Kim Anami called Vaginal Kung Fu. It was just one of the resources I’ve used to learn and deepen my awareness to pussy power. 

That being said, its taken years of self-practice to understand what I know now. 

You can train your body for ample pleasure and use your internal sexual (kundalini) energy to circulate health, abundance, and beyond. 

You can lengthen your ecstasy and orgasmic energy to heal your body of aches and pains. 

And you can weight lift (literally and figuratively) with your pussy to help you reach your orgasmic potential- which in turn will help you reach your fullest potential in all other avenues of life.

The Difference Between G-Spot + Cervical

G-Spot orgasms come from pressure and movement across the inside of your vagina- an area of spongy tissue- about 2/3 of the way from your vaginal opening to your cervix.

Cervical orgasms come from stimulation on your cervix — the opening of your uterus — located deep inside your vagina.

Both of these areas can hold pain, tension, anger, and shame… if they haven’t been lovingly opened. 

According to David Deida, G-Spot orgasms are what he calls Stage 2 and cervical are Stage 3. 

We want to be engaging in daily Stage 3 practices to open our hearts in deep feminine devotion… like ecstatic movement, any self care practices that help us open, cleansing practices, and… cervical orgasm. 

What I find as complete magic and necessary for a woman stepping in to her power… is her ability to not only turn herself on and create deep pleasure for herself, but also to understand her body… to make peace with her body… and to internally understand the energetics of ecstasy in her body. 

This… is power.

To Evolve + Confidently Show Up

Nobody is talking about this yet, so here’s where I come on.

If you’re wanting more confidence in your work in the world… to gain magnetism to grow a soul biz… to manifest your hearts deepest desires… orgasm is your best friend.

Obviously, not some vibrated orgasm from a plastic toy.

The meditative ones that educate your system for success.

I used the power of knowing my body and circulating sexual energy (with intention) up my spine and body to actually grow into the confident soulpreneur that I am today.

Ecstasy is an energy with information… and it has the power to educate the brain and body for whatever it is you want to move into… So what do you want to use the energy for? 

Resources + Recommendations to Activate Your Opening

Dance. Move. Breathe in your body. You literally cannot have a deep orgasmic experience if you are not IN your body. 

Put on some sensual tunes, and get in to your hips. 

Light a candle, get primal if you want. 

Move. Move your body. Move stagnant energy. Move the pain away. I will often start by doing  tapping and energy work on myself, dancing for a few songs, and letting go of anything on my mind. 

When your body vessel is ready for some loving, start around your heart.

One of the (many) reasons I created Radiant Heart Activation is because breast massage opens the sensual energy body and heart in a way that no other stimulation can do. 

Radiant Heart Activation Program

Many women (or couples) go right into the vaginal stimulation, and this is a recipe for disaster. A woman’s full body has to be activated to fully surrender- and what better place to start than right at the heart space?

Breast massage yourself (I teach you my method here) until you are ready for more. 

The Jade Egg + Crystal Wand are the two tools I recommend to train your body for g-spot and cervical orgasm. 

(It’s important you get these from safe sources because many companies sell dyed products that can fuck with your bod.) 

Sex Goddess is dedicated to teaching you all of these tools.

In particular, we work with the crystal wand.

Clench your muscles around the crystal and then relax completely (the deepest relaxed state is NECESSARY to release and reach the orgasm that you want.) 

And don’t rush. To experience G-spot and Cervical orgasm, you need to give your body much time. 

Clitoral orgasms can happen within the matter of minutes… and the latter two might take time to open up and for your body to really receive. 

Go slow. 

If you’re using a wand and going for cervical orgasm, try rotating the wand very very very slowly. You don’t need much movement. It’s more about feeling the energy of the crystal with your body. 

And with everything I teach, deep breathing is crucial. 

Hold your breath, hold your orgasm inside. 

Breathe deep and allow your surrender to unfold.





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