Creative Blocks = Victim Consciousness + How to Get Back in Your Own Stream

working through creative blocks

Saying, “I have creative blocks” is in essence saying, “I am blocking Source energy from flowing through me.”
Saying, “I have creative blocks,” is staying in victim consciousness around your multi-dimensional illuminated being.
Saying, “I have creative blocks,” should be owned as “I AM CREATING BLOCKAGE IN MYSELF“… because that’s all it is.
Artists Create

There was a time in my life where I truly believed that a person was only an artist if she could take a piece of paper and a pen or some moon beam inspired paints and make a masterpiece right away. 

My sister was the artist in the family, so I automatically took on the belief that, “I’m not creative. I’m not an artist.”

Now, I see myself as only a creative. In fact, I see us all as creative, creatives.

Whether we know it or not, we are constantly creating. 

Whether we tap in to the stream of God consciousness available to us all or not, we are constantly creating. 

And we can create more and more art (fulfillment via manifestation) once we have more and more awareness to this truth. 

Life is a masterpiece.

It is your divine will to take a metaphorical paintbrush in your hand and go to town. 

You are a creative channel.

There is a stream of light that has keys to all wisdom you wish to unfold, and its available to you now.

One of the biggest complaints and “blockages” I hear from my coach clients is that they have a creative block. 

In my opinion, there is no such thing. 

There can be a perception and a belief that there is a creative block, but its literally impossible once you know the truth…

What is this “block?”

Your body may be blocked by false frequencies (limited beliefs), energetic stagnations, stale sexual energy (move it, here), and physical representations of all that in pain.

Creative “blocks” are not a real phenomenon because they are self-induced. 

You have the power to move past the fear thoughts, the ones that tell you that you’re no good. 

You have the power to move your sexual energy (aka your creative energy). 

You have the power to clear your channel and cleanse your body vessel of the energy frequencies of others through meditation, visualization, and other cleansing rituals so that you hear the messages coming in. 

The empowered, empower themselves

They work for it. 

They see themselves where they’re at, and then they move powerfully into who they know they can be. 

And there is no shame. 

They let go of thinking that “they should have it all figured out.” 

And so, they remove what is not them and they don’t stand or settle for anything less than a kickass conscious creative reality – and they go and create it!

To say you’ve lost touch with your creativity is to say you’ve lost touch with your power.

You are creating right now in this moment.

The question is- are you creating more of what you want and an ascended reality or are you creating conditions and beliefs that keep you where you are?

Are you standing in the knowing that you are an infinite being and you can move the stream through you and ‘turn it on’ whenever you want? 

Just like anyone can read- they just have to have the desire to learn…

You can create (your soul biz success, a relationship, a program) – you just have to have the desire and do it.

(Which of course entails cleansing and activating your vessel for a clear channel and showing up to up-level and move forward every day.)

A creative block is complete victim consciousness.

It’s the same as saying, “I really want this, I just don’t have the money.”

In this example, you are simply not admitting to yourself that you are CHOOSING to not have the money…

Since you are a conscious creator (get with that) you must understand that you can create anything.

Get empowered out of victim mentality in all areas of your life to up-level all areas of your life.

Saying, “I am creatively blocked” is saying, “I am choosing to block Source energy from flowing through me.” 

So get real honest and look inside:

How are you blocking yourself?

Where are you staying in victim mode around what you can and cannot do?

What is it serving to stay in the attitude of “I’m blocked” rather then stepping in to the empowerment of, “I’m willing to do whatever it takes to unblock myself?”

When the resistance to this mentality comes

“But… but… I just don’t know what I need to un-block myself.” 

No, I say BS on that. You actually do. 

Listen. Listen really deeply. 

What needs to change in your lifestyle? What do your eyes need to feast on? What do your ears need to hear?

What do you need to relax into or stop trying to control?

Ask yourself. 

Remember: you are the one creating your reality. 

You are creating your relationships, your consciousness… You are creating your empowerment… or lack there of. 

You have the ability to unblock yourself right now. 

Create your own answer to what you need in order to flow. And allow it to be right. 

“As part of humanity’s overall evolutionary process we are being encouraged to take responsibility and control over the creation of our own reality. There is no “God” on highs dispensing wishes to some and not to others. We need to learn to take responsibility for the fact that we create and attract most of what we experience in our lives.” – Belinda Grace

To your creative conscious stream of multi-dimensional love-light in the world… 



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