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dare to be different

(earlier this year) I’m in a group coaching business program, and we’re on the week about creating your 1:1 offering. I’m in an entrepreneur Facebook group, and I’m reading a post about calling yourself a specific coach name. I’m watching an online training, and it’s describing your personal brand ‘attractive character.’ 

I’m doing all of these things and I’m treating myself like I’m… in a box

I’m participating in handfuls of important creative trainings… you know the ones they say you must do to “make it,”… and I feel as if I’m some animal on a conveyer belt going down the aisle until its my turn. 

Signing up to create my own business and inspire the world with my truth was meant to be sexy, fun, delicious, and aligned with my inner compass of truth. 

Don’t get me wrong, learning some of the systems to create success in my business was a great idea. I obviously wouldn’t be here today if I didn’t do so. 

However, there comes a time when all of this stuff becomes a bit BS. 

The non-BS… what’s real… is the energy, truth, and heart-based knowing in a share, a post, a video, an article, a program, a course. 

It’s tangible. You can feel… an essence coming from an embodied wisdom keeper in light. 

What’s not real is labeling this post as “10 ways to do things differently in your online business!!!!” because it would catch an eye. 

(now) I dare to do things differently. 

And I invite you to join me. 

We’re a part of the new earth. Healers. Light-workers. Wild-women. Sensitive-souls. Health coaches. Spiritual bad-asses. Medicine makers. We’re not the same. 

So why are we putting ourselves in programs that make us feel as if we could be sitting in a cubicle all day?

I don’t know about you, but I got into the online business model to support my health, my lifestyle of freedom and self care, and to inspire the world to wake up in healing and love. 

This is what I am committed to. (What about you?

(the results) I am magnetic. 

Every time I fall into ‘normalcy’… I put myself off track. 

Every time I allow myself to simply be me… I thrive. 

(Notice: The creation of 1-week breast massage intensive. Ha! Who does that? Me!) 

You’re not here to be like everyone else. You’re here to be you. 

My favorite tangible tool to allow this vibration out into the world? Instagram stories. 

All praise Instagram stories!!! 

It is here that I build most connection. That my people can see me, feel me, connect to me… HIRE ME! 

My clients come from this place because its the place that I can be most myself. Without trying to show up a particular way or be in a personality that I’m not, I show up and I share me. All of me. (What social media outlet do you find the most freedom in sharing your fullest essence?)

The women that are meant to work with me, find me. 

I am fulfilled in my offerings. 

I’m not stressed about ‘being behind.’ (That also comes from having a full coaching schedule, making money (which btw… I didn’t truly get for the first two years in this gig), and filling programs!) 

I dare to do things differently. 

And I dare to fucking thrive while I do it. 



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