Act + Believe As If You Already Had The Result; THIS SHIT REALLY WORKS


There are two options when it comes to creating results in your life. 

Number 1. Push yourself repeatedly under your own sweet souls will and exhaust not only your adrenals but your faith in The Universe under the confusion of “successful people are relentless and work for their dream non-stop.” 

OR… Number 2. Align with the vibration of the result that you are seeking to get, and flow through your day taking inspired action to get said result. 

Since you’re here, I’m going to go ahead and guess you’re with me for number 2. Congrats, tests done… now let me explain. 

I’ve been putting this (if you wanna call it woo-woo) stuff into place for three years now. 

At first, I didn’t really know what I was doing… but it got me on screen. I had pretty bad acne at the time and I refused to get on camera out of a fear of showing my face.

When this download came swooping in to my world, I asked myself… “Carly, what would you do if you had clear skin?” Loud and clear: make videos. I had been wanting to make some YouTube videos and film a whole online course. That was the first ‘Act As If’ move that bounced some reclamation of the divine back into my step. 

Think: The Secret + Pussy + The Motivation Manifesto all rolled into one slice of life. (And if you haven’t read these books yet, please do!)

Here’s what ‘Acting As If’ is not: 

  • Repeating “I am beautiful and I am successful” in the mirror 20 times, trying to believe what you don’t feel.
  • Sitting in meditation all day visualizing your result… without taking any action.
  • Not responding to texts and date requests from men because you “already have your one.”
  • Skipping out on eating healthfully or exercising because you “already have the body so you don’t need to.”
  • A method for anyone who refuses to believe in the power of the subconscious mind in creating our reality as we speak. 

This is what we do when we play with the act and believe that we already have what we want: 

We join hands with the web of infinite possibility. 

We understand the birthplace of confidence. 

We choose to take the metaphorical paintbrush back into our hands and paint what we desire to create. 

We embody the word creator. 

We are all here to create, to be successful, to have beautiful health, to have money in the bank account, to feel good in our bodies, to fall in love… We are here to thrive.

Now what stops us most of the time? It’s not our deficient resources to make our dream come true… its what our subconscious believes and how we operate under the domain of the mind. 

Take your new online business that wants to get created as an example. 

If you believe that on some level (because time and space is an illusion, all happening right here and now) its already been created, its already successful, you already have clients etc… what happens? 

You lovingly commit. You find more confidence to show up daily for the vision in your brain… because you are doing what you would need to do to make it real. 

Tap in to the field of success. What would it feel like to be running a successful online business? What would it feel like to not have to go to work in the morning? What would it feel like to be working with soul-mate clients that you cannot wait to support? What does that energy field feel like? 

You wanted to be super-human (I know you!)… so here you go.

Tap in to your own future… your future business… your future body… your future relationship… and feel the essence of the energy in that space. Then grab it like you’re picking the juiciest peach off a tree and bite in, in the present moment, by taking inspired action aligned with the energy on the metaphorical tree. Believe it to be.

Here’s what must be in alignment with your future vision of said result:

  • Your subconscious thoughts (Yes, this means stalking your brain.)
  • Your actions (Yes, this means getting out of bed and making it happen.)
  • Your beliefs (Yes, if you have a deep dark belief that you’ll never succeed, you won’t)
  • Your Body (Yes, this means treating yourself with divine love, care, and nurturing that is necessary and in the vibration of what you want.)

Successful people (with their health, business, and love) align themselves completely. There is no other way. And if there were a way… it would easily burn out. 

This past month, I had a pretty impromptu launch of my breast massage intensive, Radiant Heart Activation. I was feeling into the energy of having a successful launch and feeling fucking amazing on live video every day for the class, and I knew that I had to leave LA. 

Of course… a woman who has a highly successful launch would rent a pristine beach bungalow on the beach in San Diego for double the price of the rent for my home in LA. Duhhhh…. 

Now… I did almost scare myself out. “Is it worth it? I already have a home. Is this dumb? What if only 2 people join? I can obviously afford it… but shouldn’t I save the money?”

All the thoughts flooded in, sure… (to be superhuman doesn’t mean to have no ego, just to transcend it of course!) 

All I did was abandon the fear and trust the uncertainty of my hearts knowing. Believe it would work out.

…All before a single payment came in. 

And what happens? The Universe hears that calling. The Universe hears that direct action taking. 

The Universe sends me 10 spiritual entrepreneurs and soon-to-be coaches to lead in this training. I end up spending way more money on rent than usual, and then making it back, tri-fold.

Now, for this particular launch… it wasn’t one of those OMG I MADE 6 FIGURES ordeals… but it was a perfectly divine example of trusting The Universe… weaving into the web of infinite possibility… and blindly jumping into the realm of acting as if I already had what I wanted. 

(PS: You better believe it was The. Best. Choice. Ever. This little beach bungalow is giving me such divine space. Psssst and salty hair!)

A little journaling exercise to help you apply this wisdom to your own life and really start acting, behaving, and thinking for your desired result (because nothing gets passed the pen and paper in my world) 

  • If I had the body and health I really want, I would…
  • If I had the success in my business I really want, I would…
  • If I had the relationship that feels juicy and alive, I would… 

Feel free to share in the comments below some of your answers. 

Accountability is everything. 

Lastly, I want to impart you with this: its not always easy… making those out of the box and uncomfortable decisions into your higher self life… but its so worth it. 

I used to be afraid to be on camera, unbearably shy in front of a group, unable to land sales calls or find clients that wanted to work with me, without confidence on dates, with anxiety and shame around food and my body. The list goes on. 

If I can do it, you can too. 

This shit really works.

Believe it.



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