The Bedroom as a Microcosm

bedroom as a microcosm

The bedroom is a microcosm. This is why sexuality interests me so damn much. It’s really not about sexuality at all. 

Talking about how two bodies meet in physical desire would get boring after some time, after all. 

What happens in the bedroom is really about personal evolution, ascension, and awakening into our own power and Chi, over anything else. 

It’s a microcosm to our whole entire lives. 

How willing are we to express our desires, allow extreme states of being to emerge, and let go of expectations to merge with pleasure and love?

Can we trust ourselves and our partner? Can we surrender our grips in the physical and emotional so we can meet in ultimate presence of spirit?

Is there free space for us to own our primal instincts? Can we embody masculine, feminine, and androgynous sight?

Can we remove our shame of desire and guilt for going.. and can we play with devotional worship and care? 

The bedroom as a Microcosm, your life as the Macrocosm. See it as such. 

Fear, shame, guilt, lack of expression and voice, tension, and such denying of the Self in the bedroom… and you get all of that in your life as well. 

Play, devotion, sacredness, expression, archetypes released, presence, and flow in the bedroom… and then you get all of that in your life instead.

It’s a Dance

Using the bedroom as a microcosm for our lives and personal growth is a dance of healing, embodiment, unfolding old wounds, and becoming our high self.

If you want to begin to use it as such, don’t expect it to come without work. Without surrender. Without learning. Without growing.

Evolutionary sexuality is about dancing with devotion, prayer, authenticity, and embodiment in-between the sheets.

It’s about baring yourself naked- physically, emotionally, sexually, mentally, and spiritually- to allow the true being… the angelic higher self… to emerge.

What comes through in the dance? Your highest essence of you. This is what we want. 

Sex in this Evolutionary Wave 

A necessary part of the planets evolution right now is in women harnessing their sexual energy and learning how to release the shame associated alongside it. 

Why women in particular? Well… it’s all of our work… but by natural law, by women doing so, the men will naturally rise to meet this depth of embodied heart. 

Sexual energy is a form of nourishment, a form of life force, feeding ourselves and all that is- as it arises. 

When we breathe it through the body and allow it to heal, activate, and remove the impurities toward the light… we empower our truth. Our depth. Our natural way of being.

It’s a tool to awaken us into our most activated state- but we must learn how to release all control of the human self so that the angelic presence can rise. 

Your gift for the world is in your sensual depth.

The gift for the planet. 
For your family. 
For your tribe. 

The place of power that wants to come out for all to see… You know- the higher self that you are trying to emerge. That part of yourself is housed in your sensual depth, activated when you remove the shame of your desire and let the lioness roar. 

When you shed the layers of guilt built up around your sex, and become your depth in the bedroom- whether with yourself or a lover- take note of who it is you become. 

THAT part of you is who we want to see. 

Not in your flamboyant sexuality in all of your expression. 
No… harness that and allow it to be sacred between your own four walls. (Unless of course you desire to be a sensual muse for the world, like me!)  

But the vibration, the energy, the essence of what is transmitted through you… that is who you are to bring to us. 

Next time you find your depth in the bedroom, take note. 
Take note of who you are. 

And then be – in your life – that state of goddesshood. 

Man or woman, masculine or feminine- doesn’t matter, it applies- whoever it is you become. 

Be that.

To Help you Embody 

I can personally feel the stiff bodies, every woman on the planet afraid to show herself or her man her true sexual depth. Pain and fear.. shame and guilt.. housed within the physical form… stopping the beauty and the art from unfolding into life. The collective field of sex that I see… its a bit gnarly. A huge reason I wrote this piece about matrix sex. 

And this, to me, is the very place where we have quite a few women denying their power and laying low in the foundation of their ability to create in their businesses, lives, and whole expressions for life.

The bedroom as a microcosm, remember. 

What I want to offer you in this post is a few resources to help you get out of your head and into your body… because it is there where your ultimate depth, intuition, and powerful presence lies. 

Within your body is the ability to harness your power and play in the microcosm for expansion and evolution. 

It’s not in the cosmos or the angels its in bringing everything up there down and in to the physical form. 

For your body is intuitive, wise, and she can run the show. 

Empower her to know. 

She is the guide. She is the source. She is where it all begins. 

Use these guidelines to remind yourself of your own deep seated power, in the bedroom and beyond. 

  1. Only open your legs and your lips when your body and pussy gives you a clear YES. If there is not a clear yes, remain closed until there is a clear yes. This goes for self pleasure or when you are connecting with a lover. 
  2. When you want to stop, you want to stop. Don’t feel bad. Don’t make excuses. 
  3. Use your breath. Breath is life force energy. When you stop breathing, you stop circulating this energy around your system, and all the energy flows up to your brain- not where you want to be while making love!
  4. Speak Up. Do not remain under the shackles of a closed throat. Speak what needs to be said. Anything that is coming forward in your mind or being that is asking to be shared, share. Empower your intuitive knowing and open free. 
  5. Keep your eyes open and remain present. If you close your eyes, its all too easy to go into fairytail land, some other erotic dream, or into a dream-like state of ecstasy that feels good… but its not the real thing. If we are wanting to use sex as a representation for our whole, we want to remain as present as possible.. breathing and being with the moment as it arises in its totality. Stare into your lovers eyes or run your gaze up and down your bodies and drink in the moment. 
  6. Move the way your body wants to move. Instead of thinking of positions or potentialities, truly deeply listen to the waves inside of yourself. Go on a ride by moving with the current of energy inside of you.. stretch and moan and move and dance between the sheets and watch as this new being of power will emerge. Follow yourself. 
  7. Examine your energetic chakra centers and intuitively sense where energy is stagnant or stuck… and then move it. Speak. Moan. Roar. Move. Vibrate. Undulate. Cry. Hand on heart. Exhale. Shake. Remain still. Whatever you need to do. 
  8. Slow it down speedy baby. If you are moving too quickly, you will miss moments of messaging that are only delivered during times of slow movement and deep feeling. 
  9. Shapeshift. This is an important one. Allow yourself to move through feeling, emotion, and being. Surrender to the moment. If you get angry in a moment- cool, be in it for the moment, but then let it go and move on. What happens at times while making love, is emotion arises and because we don’t allow ourselves to fully feel it… it stays present and then it ends up almost ruining the sexual experience. You see this when a woman randomly gets angry and then the couple stops making love all together. No. Get angry while he’s inside of you. Experience the emotion. And then ride down another wave to bliss. Shapeshift between goddess, emotion, archetype, and element. Use your fire, use your earth, use your wind, use your rain.
  10. Do breath-work, kundalini, and jade egg practices to harness your internal energies and feel the power inside your pulse. Vaginal weight lifting with an egg will also help you feel your power and from there you can easily learn to modulate your power and shine with bliss in yourself. 

Within the framework of your own embodiment… is the simple notion of being present with your deepest truth. Your heart.

Sex, then, is an evolutionary tool because it shows us where we are in our embodiment of Self… and helps us rise to the occasion of personal power in the most fun and delicious way. 

I mean why wouldn’t we use one of our favorite things in the world to grow, evolve, and awaken? Beats me. That is why I do why I do. And that is why you are here. 

Because you know. 

There is magic to be made, love to be created, merging to be melted into. 

There is all of yourself, waiting for the world. 

Use the bedroom as a microcosm, 

and play on. 

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Ashae Sundara is a leadership coach for the most magical women on the planet.

Her life’s work is in healing the universal feminine heart.

Money. Embodiment. Energy. Sex.  And Soul.

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