A (short) post on sexual dogma.

creative and sexual dogma

On sexual dogma…

I can’t only do cosmic tantric surrendered love making 
and I can’t only do embodied kinky mindless fucking.

I need both, based on my mood.

And you’re allowed to, too…

I knew this mentally of course, 
as I am primarily an energetic + shapeshifter erotic blueprint… but it all came in to fully feel… 
let me tell you…

Yesterday, our absolutely delicious 
dual orgasm 
led to me 
for a good 10 minutes. 

I realized in that moment… 
after lose-yourself-in-eachother and complete rapture sex… that for over 2 weeks.. 
I was hush hushing the part of myself 
that needs 
dirty, kinky, all over the place, sweaty, fun, playful sex..

We were going so deep, loving, tantric, 
fucking beautiful…. 
but then I noticed that 
my brain 
started to judge 
the other kind of sex
that feels like erotic worship
God to Goddess.
sweat-full surrender in rapture
of the 
dirty divine.

Noticing: some spiritual/sexual + tantric teachings can start taking on a little of this mentality. 
Like its THE ONLY WAY.

Ever happened to you? 
You start one practice…
and then its like automatically 
the rest
go to shit.

I did this to myself, I realized
in that moment
because nobody stops
an embodiment
but Self.

I caught myself saying “Shhhh” 
when he goes “I love you” 
while we were entangled in sweat 
and sensual seductive thrusting 
and love.

And yes, I will trust this voice of mine. 
I won’t silence my truth for what sounds like love because what is love is truth of the moment not the mind.

Shhhhhh just fuck me
Shhhhhh just show me 
you love me
by thrusting harder
don’t stop.




And you get to, too… truly.. your sex life
gets to be
everything you want 
and more. [want help getting there?]

trust your desires
and never stop learning 
your body and his.

There is no need 
to put yourself 
in a box.

The world
of pleasure 
is vast
and it’s waiting 
for you.



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