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ascended partnership

A few weeks ago, a follower asked me what the difference is between an ascended partnership and a standard relationship.

Im going to try and answer this question to the best of my ability based on what I am experiencing in my current relationship. (Which by the way, exceeds what I ever thought possible for partnership!)

First of all, all relationships have the capacity to move into divine union.

I personally don’t give too much thought to the twin flame and soul mate conversation because I believe we meet people and we get to choose if our connection to them is of the highest and for conscious evolution or not.

Both people need to decide this. The question is… are you both willing to play all in?

Creating a sacred container for divine union involves these few things to me.

1. The purpose of the relationship is personal soul growth, growth in the world, and growth as a collective energetic field. Both people are committed to serving the ultimate evolution of each other, other humans of the planet, and the energetics of relating as a whole. This looks like serving each other in our personal 3D lives, serving the world in what we do and how we are together, and also serving as a space of healthy archetypal patterning in the 5D.

2. Each person takes ownership over their feelings and all feelings are welcome. We know that we are together to move through the mirrored aspects of self, so we take responsibility for how we are feeling and we don’t do the whole “you are doing this” and “you are doing that” finger pointing. We go inside first.

3. The relationship serves to practice unconditional love and devotion to that love.

4. Each partner deeply feels and respects the other on all spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical levels by focusing on personal alignment… so when we are together AND when we are apart, we are each taking care of ourselves to the highest degree and in all ways not only for ourselves but for our partner… because they can FEEL us. 

5. We practice as much androgyny as possible inside of ourselves. This means marrying our masculine and feminine energies… and stepping up for ourselves to find our healing and balance with each side. This doesn’t mean the masculine partner can’t bring more masculine qualities to the relationship and vice versa… but it comes from a place of internal balance. 

6. We practice vulnerability, open communication channels, and always seek to speak from the heart.

7. We use sex to merge fields and to release any distortion that is not love… not to just physically enjoy (Also for healing, creativity, and manifestation, play, and pleasure.)

8. We hold space for each other to move through and transmute certain habits, energies, behaviors, and vibrations… only seeing the highest possible outcome for our partner and holding them in love, without trying to ‘fix’ them.

9. We lovingly hold boundaries for certain behaviors and patterns that are out of integrity with presence, consciousness, and our truth. This doesn’t mean ‘getting mad’ at our partner or expressing negative emotion necessarily.. a boundary can be held with space, a kiss, a massage… its simply standing for our own truth. 

10. We know that the relationship is sent as an assignment… so we look at everything as a means to explore ourselves. We seek continual unfolding of illusion and open the veils to more love, joy, and connection than we knew as possible.

11. Each partner is willing to show up… even if its painful.

12. We both hold a vision of togetherness for the future, but we continuously drop attachment to it so we can be absolutely present.

13. We don’t rely on each other to bring us something that we don’t have inside. This is the sovereignty code. It means that we take our own health, happiness, sensuality, beauty, joy, ascension, activation… in our own hands. Our partner might raise that bar… but we don’t rely on them for cultivating certain feelings inside… because we know that then we are relating from a place of lack instead of wholeness. EXAMPLE: The other day I noticed I was putting a little bit of blame on my partner because I wasn’t feeling sexy. WTF is that! I identified this thought pattern, realized it was me creating this scenario, went to hot yoga, did my thing, and completely turned it around. It’s not up to your partner to make you feel pretty, feminine, sensual, masculine, strong… its up to you to show yourself that you already are that. When you do… your partner will inevitably see it.. read it.. smell it.. coming from your skin. 

What I’ve realized about this kind of relationship is that it’s not always easy… we’re constantly looking at ourselves.. we have to be willing to confront our darkness.. and its not for those who aren’t ready to commit to the path. (As I was there last year… my soul was just not ready… I still had more exploration and dating and what not to do…)

But just because this kind of ascended partnership is so evolutionary and at times confronting.. does not mean it has lack love, passion, epic sex, humor, fun, creativity, and ultimate magic together. In fact, I’ve seen the opposite. The more one side of the spectrum, the more the other. 

xxx Ashae

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