What to do with a Mental Block During Sex

dealing with a mental block during sex

If a mental block comes up during sex, I dare you to NAME IT OUT LOUD.
I did, this morning.
Our love making was sweet, beautiful, powerful, wet…
But as the pleasure deepened and I found myself getting close to a climax… a block appeared in my mind.
“I’m afraid to go there today all the way to orgasm because I’m afraid you’ll think it’s all about me.”
That thought took me right out of the zone if you know what I mean.. and the pleasure dropped all the way low.
So, I spoke it.
I shared it.
And we moved it through.
Once I shared it, and once he shared that he was so enjoying my and our pleasure, it was clear to me what I needed.
“Can you give me reassurance? Can you tell me you want me to orgasm? Can you tell me to keep going?”
He got the cue and that moment popped… the block disappeared… and it returned to an even JUCIER space.
“I want your pussy pleasure all over my c*ck… Stay with me… Keep going…”
We tell ourselves that s*x is supposed to look hot all the time… and so when it’s not, we naturally contract and hide.

We try to keep our insecurities, fears, blocks, triggers, sadness, and anger outside.
But I want to open your mind to a whole new possibility all together.
The bedroom can be a playground for your empowerment, activation, and arrival into your truest YOU. Your voice. Your power. Your play.
Dropping the masks and showing up in your fullest transparency is the alchemical road there.
S*x is a microcosm- and if you can find yourself there- you’ll be unstoppable in the World.

I also want you to know this: mental blocks during sex are normal. 


We are healing and releasing pretty multi-dimensionally when we’re making love.

The body can bring up a trauma or a fear, and this again… is normal.

Because where else but the bedroom will you be able to clear and move through these pieces?

Let it come up, because it wants to be moved through you and brought up to another space.


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