My Foreplay Fantasy

foreplay fantasy

I asked my Insta followers to share a foreplay fantasy they have.

Most all of their answers were “go down between my legs until I beg you to be inside of me.”

That’s YUM don’t get me wrong,

However to me… that’s sex itself.

Foreplay gets to happen outside of genital touching all together.


Here’s my version:

There’s lingerie on the bed and a note that says “Be ready at 9. Wear this underneath something cozy.”

I spend hours fantasizing and preparing my mind for what he has in store.

At 9 on the dot, there’s a driver outside waiting for me. I get blindfolded once inside the car, so I can’t see where I’m off to.

After driving for 20 minutes or so, the car stops.

I’m instructed to keep my blindfold on and I follow the driver to a room.

By now I’m already in character.. my dark and bratty erotic archetype has been turned on.

The door opens and I hear my beloveds voice- “You smell delicious…”

He shoves me up to the wall to kiss my neck and I can feel his hardness rub against me. By now the lingerie he got me is already soaking wet.

He takes the blindfold off with mastery and softly brushes my hair behind my ear.

The room is sensational. Over 20 candles lit all over, white fur rugs and pillows cover the room for comfort and play.

He says, “Don’t even try to guess where we are. We’re already in another dimension. Just relax.”

Gratitude starts welling up into my heart as we link our eyes, hearts, and souls to the moment of now.

I’ve had this fantasy before, and it’s actually happening… my body starts releasing sighs of relief and peace knowing how taken care of I am.

After we drop in emotionally, he ties my hands and legs up. My back starts arching already.

With featherlight touch and a feather itself, he caresses my whole body and doesn’t forget the super sensitive areas that are easy to skip.

I’m vibrating at this point and it’s like my whole body as electricity.

He looks me in the eyes and says “I’d like to spend some quality time with your yoni now. Give me permission. Tell me it’s what you want.”

I demand it. Now.

(I’ll let you write the rest)



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