let him do it


👉🏼 Let’s say he tells you he’s going to run you a bath…

The time comes and it hasn’t happened yet.

Your expectations are loud.

“Bath. Tonight. Where is it.”

…Not leaving any room in your consciousness for timelessness or a nudge.

And so what do you do?

You run the bath yourself of course.

(Even though deep down your inner feminine was DYING to have a bath run for her… simply because that would feel good.. 🛀)

You do it yourself.

Because your masculine is just as capable, right?

You are independent.

You should be able to give yourself everything you need… right?

You don’t need a man… right?

Omg I know how tempting it is…

But let me tell you what happens when you don’t give him a chance to show up for the things he says he’ll show up for.

💎 At the lowest frequency, you start building stories and beliefs about “who he is as a man”… harboring resentment… building a case… and dislocating his ability to actually show up in the fullest capacity because of your grey shadow cloud hovering over his field. 🙈

Stories and beliefs about our partners are where we can find the root of some of the most toxic behaviors.

💎 You slowly start losing trust in his word. But a lot of the time it’s actually not all him. It’s that you act too soon for him to even make the move.

Personal example: Right now there’s a $15 parking ticket next to my beloveds bed from 2 weeks ago that he said he would pay.

Every day I want to reach over and just “get it done” because honestly it’s not a big deal AT ALL … but I breathe and calm down my inner masculine because I know that if I did that I’d be draining some of the trust I have that he will do what he says he’s going to do….. and it’s better to wait forever than give my trust away.

It doesn’t matter how small of a thing it is- integrity is still important for you to feel safe.

💎 With trust drained and you “taking the pants because you can”… it’s pretty damn easy for a man to start feeling emasculated in your presence or better yet for you to feel de-feminized in his….

As women who are badass… we start trusting our own inner masculine more than we trust his- and when we do that we start throwing off the polarity and passion in the relationship. ✖️

So what do you do instead?

How do you let him do it?

When he says something but hasn’t followed through yet?

You have to find out inside Letting Him Rise… 

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xx Ashae

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