We had a Conversation While He Was Eating Me Out (A Story)

he was Eating Me Out

A juicy story about him eating me out…

I open my legs to him, wide.

He lands his face right in between me and looks up with reverence and love.

The next thing he did probably opened my waters to pour more than anything else.

He nuzzles his nose to my lips and reallllllly drinks in my scent. Two times to really bring it in. Like I’m the most exquisite amber-rose-and-vanilla concoction only a few on the planet are blessed to consume.

He lets his desire to eat me build.

I feel beautiful. I feel wanted. I feel his. I feel the perfect combination of lust and love.

His tongue starts swirling all around me as his fingers delicately enter me to just the right spot.

It was hot and it exhilarated fast.

At one point I asked him to slow down. I wanted his tongue in sensual seductive whispers instead of fast craving sucks.

He moved right into the new space and aaah… there we go… whole body and being surrenders deeper in.

I used to be afraid of asking for what I wanted in the moment but I’ve learned what a disservice that is to both people, and a relationship at full.

My favorite part about all of this is that we ended up having about a 20 minute actual conversation as his fingers were inside of me..

He’d talk to me and we’d laugh and share and then spontaneously he’d start sucking me again – or I’d bring my pussy to his lips when I wanted more…

We talked about breakthroughs during the night and his dharma and pleasure itself.

It was so natural.

It was so loving.

It was so right.

I melted.

To feel the feeling of pleasure and worship that’s not trying to get anywhere is such a powerful gift.

He wasn’t trying to get me to orgasm or get me to s€x.

Just being with my yoni.

Yum. And.

I’m tracking all the subtle moments where this level of forever pleasure isn’t the case. In my own practice and with him.

I’m not making other moments wrong, but I’m aware of the intense well of eroticism and connection that is found in the slow down place.

And That’s what I’m invested in.

In this society we are so driven to the finish line.

What if we practiced this instead?

Breathe. Relax. Surrender. And feel.

As slow as possible… until the build so very naturally comes.

Really… there is so much uncharted territory in that place.

I am inviting you.

Let your orgasms come naturally [need help with that?].

Don’t push them.

Don’t force them out.

They are there and they are waiting to explode, giving you full body regenerative bliss.

But you can’t try to get there.

You just get to love yourself, sink in, and play in presence.

That’s all.




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