A story from my helpless feminine

The power of feminine surrender…

He asked me if we needed anything from the grocery store.

At first, I went into my pattern.

Thinking about what was in the fridge…

Anxiously trying to pull something together…

Trying to decide what I desired.

And then I realized that that was NOT the truth of the moment for my heart.

It was an off day.

My emotions were high.

I had just finished balling my eyes out.

Instead of forcing my feminine into her masculine, I was true to the moment. Helpless.

Full. And. Helpless.

“I can’t think right now. I can’t decide anything. You choose it all. And I’m available tonight, but you’ll need to plan what we do.”

Hung up the phone with an exhale and a relaxation into myself and my feminine even more.

(That felt good.)

And the manifestation?

Roses upon his return home and a curated sexy playlist for bed time. We had the most connected, hot love making ever. My favs.

The rest of the night my energy, passion, and alignment returned.


This simple moment reminded me of the power inside supple surrender.
It reminded me that being seen in helplessness is a call for the masculine to rise.



PS. Wanting to dive deeper into the dance between the empowered masculine and the surrendered feminine?

You’ll find codes on codes about polarity and surrender in Letting Him Rise, a bundle of deliciously exciting and important transmissions for women ready to take ownership over their part in relationship and hold space for their man to rise.


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