Becoming a Bitter Bitch in Love

The bitter bitch. This criticizing, destructive, triggered, and emotionally abusive part of your lover archetype continues to exist because you keep opting in to a relationship dynamic that’s not a fuck yes. 🤯

Get this goodness:

👉🏼 There is nothing wrong with your person. They‘re just showing love the way they know how.

You however… are saying… “COME ON IN TO MY QUEEN/KINGDOM!” Even though you’re not being met…

(Slaying the possibility of actually getting the relationship you want, as you forget to erect your boundaries into the space.)

So of course you become a bitter bitch!

You’re fucking mad at YOURSELF.

Sound familiar? 👇🏼

Their way of relating isn’t fueling you, but you stay because…

✖️ “Relationships are hard and you don’t always get what you want”

✖️ “Working on your triggers is necessary because if not with this person, then with the next”

✖️ “Unconditional love”

✖️ (unconsciously) “Some love is better than none

Denying your desires in the name of this spiritual bypass will create a lotttttt of drama… 😨

Ultimately you start blaming them for YOUR own loose boundaries.

And it gets messy.

But it doesn’t have to.

It doesn’t have to get messy when you know what’s okay and what’s not, what’s a yes and what’s not, and what’s acceptable in your life.


PS: You hold boundaries with your actual ACTIONS, not just your words.

PPS: Sexual intimacy early on in a connection usually sloshes all possibility of healthy boundaries as the body dives in to connection and the lines start getting blurred.

Ok that was a lot. You’re welcome 😇


PS: Take Letting Him Rise if you’re ready to say scianara to this whole thing.


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