Casual Sex???

casual sex?

The only casual sex I’ll be having is with a partner I’ve been with for months or years.

Confused yet? 😉


Let’s give your idea of casual sex a little makeover…

To me – casual sex is like a “Hey, I only have 5 minutes come get on top of me now,” kind of a thing.

Not a “Hey, we just met, I don’t feel fully connected, I don’t feel honored by you, parts of you are turning me off, you prob won’t text or call, but whatever I’m horny,” kind of a thing.

If you‘re having casual sex like that ^ it’s probably not feelin too great…

Here’s the thing:

I actually don’t believe any penetrative sex is “casual.”

Letting another human IN to your body- you do exchange energy, codes, and attachments.

And if you’re doing it right, you’re opening your heart, body, soul, pussy, and entire being to the person you are letting in.

But in the kind of casual sex were speaking to… you don’t feel respected… so you don’t open fully… and then you wonder why these encounters feel unfulfilling!!?!

Well to have deep, multi-dimensional, healing sex… everything in you needs to come undone.

Seen. Held. Loved. As you are.

An exchange through presence where both people know what’s actually going on, besides the physical act of sex.

Here’s where it gets tricky:

You can totally have the best sex of your entire life where you unravel your body, being, and heart in ways you never have… with someone you just met.

Time and Commitment are ONLY important for amazing sex if YOU need these things to open your heart. (Your heart is connected to your yoni more than you know.)

But you might meet someone WORTHY of unraveling you and through deep discernment… you might choose to lean in.

That’s your choice.

That’s your mind, body, pussy, soul, and heart aligned choice.

Idk about you, but that ^ doesn’t feel very casual to me.

Let’s re-write the script + have boundaries toward sex unintegrated with our wholeness. 🗝





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