Do men want more sex than women?

do men want more sex than women?

It’s a complete lie that “men want sex more” than women.

In fact, most women I know activated in their feminine + their sexual power… oh they want it so much more…

Because the feminine is after fullness.

And getting filled (literally and figuratively) opens her heart to who she is, beyond the limitations of the lower self.

So she’s like.. yes.. more.. again..

It’s a super common topic of discussion in the coaching containers of Sex Goddess- because as you go on the journey of awakening your pleasure… it stirs your desire for more in your partnership.

So I want to remind you of something if you’re over there nodding your head like… “Yeah WTF tell my man to fuck me!!!!”


The masculine is attracted to feminine pleasure and receptivity.

So instead of you being the one to plan date night…

Instead of you asking for touch another night and then getting turned down…

Be. In. Your. Own. Pleasure.

Put on something sexy and dance in front of the mirror as he watches.

Self pleasure in bed next to him as he feels your aliveness.

Focus on your purpose and doing what brings you joy.

Lather yourself in massage oil while moaning at your own touch.

Not “to get him to come in.”

But to literally fill up on your own source.

And him coming in…

From this place – it’s not really a question.

He will. He can’t not.

Again: the masculine is attracted to your pleasure and receptivity.

Let go into it.
Relax into it.

Drop your need to control.

Your inner masculine taking over is not going to be the fix.



Luxuriate in you.

And watch what happens….

💋💌🥀 ⠀

Love you…




P.S. If you want to dive deeper into masculine/feminine polarity, check out Letting Him Rise, a bundle of deliciously exciting and important transmissions for women ready to take ownership over their part in relationship and hold space for their man to rise. 

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