Do You Contract Upon Sexual Rejection?

Do you contract upon sexual rejection?

you know you’re a self-love sexual ninja when you can face sexual rejection and be so. deeply. okay.

—> because you don’t make a “no” mean something about you

—> because you’ve been with yourself far too many times to take any form of rejection as a hit to your confidence

—> because you know the turn on you feel in front of the mirror, so you resonate it at the level of “it’s really their loss”

self love to your sensual wholeness makes sexual rejection a beautiful redirection from the universe and it’s taken with appreciation and grace.

so whether someone you’re dating loses interest…

or your long-term partner says no in the moment…


that how you transmute the energy of no says a lot about where you are in your journey

we all feel a twinge of rejection for a second but it’s what you do AFTER that initial hit that says it all…

and don’t be hard on yourself

there were multiple times last year that i caved in on myself (in collapse) with a no

but i’ve learned


with a no⠀


giving him a lap dance anyways and reminding him what he’ll miss


simply seeing it as the universe telling me it’s self pleasure time

the place i’ve trained my primal body not to take it personally?

at home.

in front of the mirror. “mirror muse magic” practice, week 2 of sex goddess.

join. if you want the agility to get creative with a no as well.

because it’ll happen. and keep happening. until you learn to love what’s on the other side. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀






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