Eros with Him starts in Eros with You.

eros within

Eros is what keeps passion alive.

It’s the essence of love lit by the sound of excitement and play.

It’s the wild nights up until sunrise because you can’t keep your hands off each other.

Eros is butterflies in your belly, pinching yourself because your heart is so full.

The God of Love, Lust, Sex, Eroticism and Sensual Desires.

The juicy stuff.

The mmmmm mmmmmm love.

We all want it.

But are we willing to take the plunge into the deep sea of what it takes to receive it all?

Because its not as simple as that first time your eyes meet and it actually takes courage, devotion, and self worth.

Sure, its easy at the beginning.

Hormones are flipping through like dolphins excited to see each other…

so red flags to keeping the energy alive don’t actually make themselves known.

But give it 1, 2, 3 years into a relationship and you’re like “wait when was I ever attracted to this human, wtf”

Sister. Let it be known.

Eros with him starts in Eros with you.

Falling in love with who you are.

Committing to your inner work.

Looking at all the places you let yourself go.

And all the ways you compromise truth.

I broke it down for you in five devotion mantras.

Live by these, babe.

1. I am in devotion to cultivating my own joy.

Your partner makes you happy, I get it.

But rest in his divinity for too long and soon you’ll lose the essence of joy that comes from cultivating Source yourself.

You’ll give up what brings you a sense of peace and trade it for time with him.

This feels good at first, yes. But its certainly not sustainable.

Inevitably, there will be times where he can’t fill you.

There will be times he’s having a hard week, or month, or night.

If you’re not sourcing your own joy, you’ll likely take on his state, emotion, and mood. And then… who and what do you become? How do you show up? What energy do you bring to him?

Doing this is in service to no one when you do this.

If he’s in a funky space, you get to focus even more on bringing joy into you… so you can stay in the higher field and offer love, offer light, offer humility.

It’s not your job to lift him up, but you can if it naturally pours out of you from your own cultivated joy space.

So sister… what is it that brings you joy?

Because he’s attracted AF to that.

2. I am in devotion to my dharma and soul purpose.

Everyone has one.

Find it… just choose something… or else you run the risk of making your partner your purpose.

Signs for sure you’re doing this: most of your free time is spent thinking endlessly about him, and its most definitely not always pretty.

Your mind wants to be BUSY! So give your ego a dance. But make it productive.

I’ll tell you personally: every time I “slip” on serving you, I spin weird stories out of control about him.


Commitment to you reflects in my commitment to him.

It’s wild, but its real.

3. I am in devotion to the boundaries I need to create polarity and peace.

As one of my epic coaches Emily Orum says… “Boundaries for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!!!!”

People think putting up a boundary is mean.

But there’s a difference between a boundary and a wall.

Put up a boundary to the things that drain your energy.

Like… you know those processing convos that leave you up until 6 in the morning fighting and crying?

Sure, some of them can be helpful and soul enhancing.

But you know when its gotten to a point where neither of you are actually hearing each other and its doing more damage than good.

I want you to devote yourself to the boundaries you need to live in polarity and an open feminine heart.

This means saying no to a movie if it’ll bring your vibe down, saying no to a night of drinking because you’re committed to your health, saying no to a threesome because you have a big week ahead of you.

If you’re draining your reserves… there’s no way you can show up to co-create Eros.

(And yes, you read that right. I said co-create.)

4. I am in devotion to appreciation itself.

Appreciation is amplification.

When you appreciate yourself, you become more of the goddess inside.

When you appreciate him, he becomes more of the God inside.

Criticizing him (even in your mind) will only create an energetic trap of BLEH. You can find out all about that, here.

Your beliefs and thoughts about him, your relationship, and your life together… add up.

So appreciate where you live. Appreciate how you communicate. Appreciate your sex.

Even if its not perfect.

Appreciation amplifies love.

5. I am in devotion to my erotic and energetic openness.

Sexual sovereignty.

Sensual self love. Opening my heart.

Don’t expect him to always turn you on.

Cultivate your own.

Relax into your body.

Feeeeeeel out your beauty.

Relish in delight for your erotic intelligence.

Cultivating your Sex Goddesswill inspire his Sex God…..


Actually embody these, and fly.





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Ashae Sundara is a leadership coach for the most magical women on the planet.

Her life’s work is in healing the universal feminine heart.

Money. Embodiment. Energy. Sex.  And Soul.

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