Flirt him into his masculine power

flirt him into his masculine power

Flirt him into his masculine power.

(If you want to serve him and everyone he touches for the rest of his life, of course.)

A scene:

He says- “So do you want to maybe go get a drink with me?”

It’s subtle but it’s not what you want.

You- Sigh under the table while you secretly wish he showed up with more direction and less of an option for you.

And then you answer ‘yes’ even though you’re dying inside…



—> As the feminine, a part of you dies wondering where all the men are that can show up in strength with you.

—> As the masculine, you get trained that this is okay and to keep offering her this lazy way of showing up.

But sisters… instead of giving up when there’s little leadership on his part in sight…

Flirt him INTO his leadership.

Have fun with it.

See how he responds…

Your feminine has a big important role when it comes to how he gets to show up!

Tune in to the part of you that can feel it right there under his sleeve.

And the part that wants him there- for you both.

And then try this.

“Would YOU like to get us some drinks?” 😏

Show him how hot it is when he speaks his desire into the space.

“Yes… I would. It’s happening.”

There you go.

A simple redirection into his purpose.

Because deep down, he wants to lead you.

He doesn’t want to be flimsy.

He doesn’t want to not know which way to turn.

He wants it just as bad as you do – so put on some big girl pants and play in service to the divine 🔥💎🤤

And yes this is a super subtle example but it’s in these subtleties that the whole connection in polarity is born.



P.S. If you want to dive deeper into masculine/feminine polarity, check out Letting Him Rise, a bundle of deliciously exciting and important transmissions for women ready to take ownership over their part in relationship and hold space for their man to rise. 

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