Letting Him Penetrate You

letting him penetrate you

You have to consciously and intentionally open your yoni to really allow a man in. To penetrate you.

To blast through your control.

To open you wide to God.

You can’t just lie there on the bed and let him in physically, expecting psychological and spiritual results.

If you’ve never given yourself and your body this kind of permission in the moment to open wide while making love, you’re still unconsciously denying his gift.

You’re still unconsciously pushing his masculine away- even though you want it so bad.

Not only are you pushing him away, but you’re also pushing The Divine away too.

And everything else that wants to be in your life. Pleasure. Money. Bliss. God. Love.

It’s a subtle shift you can make that changes everything.

Here’s the practice: Try with your fingers or your crystal wand first. Repeat in your head- “I receive you. I receive you. I receive you. I am open to receive.”

And go beyond the physical. Don’t just receive the pleasure but receive the wholeness, the pain of life, the magic, the sexiness, the abundance…

You’ll notice your fear of opening wide to receive more pleasure, more love, more consciousness, more money.

And then you’ll open to it.

And then you practice with him.

Remember: sensual opening is not just laying on the bed “allowing”… it’s being an active energetic participant– and receiving the moment through your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual channels.

And to give you more of a scope: he does the same thing- subconsciously denying your love through his heart. And if he wants to grow, he needs to consciously and intentionally open his heart to let you in. If he’s not having an active conversation with all of his avoidance tendencies and fears of losing his freedom, he’ll push you away or only allow in a sliver of your love.

We all have our ways of saying no to love.

Let’s be aware. And let’s open.




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