Lost Your Sexual Desire after Two Years Together?

Lost your sexual desire?

So you’ve lost your sexual desire in all your long term relationships?

You’re not alone but you’re also gunna need to take care of this one….. now.

And that’s an order from me!!!!! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Because it won’t change by just hopping to the next person… sorry… ⠀⠀⠀

Losing your sexual desire in a long term relationship is for you to clean up because it was you who let yourself slide.

And since you are the one noticing you want something spicier.. something more alive and pleasurable… YOU my dear are the one that’s going to need to put your big girl panties on, take ownership, and make the shift.

Actually switching romantic partners when the sexual desire fades is like saying… “I liked you before I really knew you and now that I do, I don’t care to put in the effort to find the passion again.”

Triggers, traumas, wounding, patterns, conditioning, attachment, and codependency are in the space… and you’d rather go- “Nah! Don’t wanna deal!

But once again, that’ll keep happening until you do the work…

I used to look for the fairy tale newlywed energetic in love, too.

But that’s no relationship.

I know its hard.

Because losing arousal and attraction DOES HAPPEN. It’s a thing.

All the more reason to dive deep into YOU and your own sexuality… turn yourself on… and let that be the fire that lights up the connection between the two.

(One of the main reasons I created Sex Goddess. Because we like to put the blame on the other, but if WE are not regularly stoking our own sexual fire… we’re in the wrong boat.)

A long term relationship works when you are intentionally playing with creating a better sex life within the growth and challenge you go through together. Period.

Leaning in to more of your edges.

Coming to your partner already turned on.

Creating new experiences that blow you both out of the wataaaaaa. ⠀⠀

My dear… let me ask you this.

If your sexual desire faded in your relationship… did it fade everywhere? Are you inspired by anything? Anyone? Yourself? Life? Turned on by Source? Pleasuring yourself?

Usually when the desire fades inside of our relationship… it’s faded in our work, our purpose, our passion for life…

Your sexual desire is YOUR responsibility and there is no exception here.

When the women turn themselves back on in my program Sex Goddess… there is no going back to this kind of a space.

Once you’re on, you’re on.

Ready to be ON, woman?

Get on the anticipation list for Sex Goddess.



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