Mystery: The missing piece in union


You and your Lover are in trouble when the Mystery Dies…

In the beginning, we’re all about it.

We don’t know exactly who they are
or what they do
or where they go
what they wear
and eat
and lick
and fuck..

We have no idea.

And that’s hot.

We wait for a text message and actually enjoy the longing.

We let our minds fantasize what’s happening in their world.

At some point, for some people, the mystery becomes anxiety. And then you demand knowing it all.

For others, the mystery completely disappears as the two move into union, and are with each other all the time. Doing meals + meditations + travel + work + processing + all the things side by side.

Mystery is an essential ingredient in Eros.

The surprise is a part of the seduction.
The unknown is a part of the unraveling.
And we always want to be seduced.
We always want to be unraveled.

Because there are lifetimes to go…

So much more love and erotica to see and meet…

Adding mystery into your connection isn’t about being shady, hiding yourself, or lying.

It’s about keeping the passion alive.

When you begin a connection, begin it with mystery in mind. KEEP. IT. GOIN. Also:

—> Ditch Routine Sex. If you’re having it the same way every time… do. something. else. Try a different location, sensation, or role.

—> Get a Sexy Hotel in your Area. Renting a sexy room where you live can be the best little switch up for the vibe – new bed, new ideas.

—> Go on surprise dates and get really playful with it.

—> Do your woman things alone. Do your man things alone. (Aka close the bathroom door, shave in your own space, etc!) Its simple but it matters.

—> Send suggestive texts but don’t give too much..

—> ***Always*** re-develop your desire to impress your partner with your body, your health, your energy… seriously so many couples lose this as they get too comfortable with each other and it’s sooooooooo KEY!

👉🏼 K I want to know..

Do you CRAVE more mystery in your love?



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