Physical Body Pain as an Entrepreneur

physical body pain

Physical body pain as an entrepreneur.

let’s talk about it.

like- getting all the things you want done, when your body is screaming, annoyed, and hurting.

or- having your dreams and manifestations, but continually getting knocked down to rest, heal, or not go as fast.

and how about- planning meetings, interviews, and sessions when you’re trying to put your body first. what do you do?

the universe has given me portal after portal of this lesson (ouch, fuck you, and ily)- especially within the last 6 months.

and i’ve learned a thing or two for you 😏

1. stop comparing your success to anyone else’s success.

it’s so easy to look at what other entrepreneurs/coaches are up to and feel behind, but they don’t have your body and looking to them is silencing they wisdom of your own unique path. let go of looking to find “the way” and instead create your own.

2. the world needs more leaders coming from personal integrity with health.

from this place, i believe that what you make is 10x as potent and healing. your energy is felt. your codes land.

3. show up in the ways you can.

don’t throw the baby out with the bath water! you don’t have to be perfect for your people. share your journey. your pain. your struggle. and the joy of self care. the happiness of helping yourself. the bliss of being able to put you first.

4. there is a larger plan at play here.

the universe has you and us in a love story.

we just get to believe it.

5. when you put your body first, you teach your clients and the world to do the same.

and your clients and the world needs this.


6. plan your schedule so that you can have pure body healing days

if you need, and create your offerings in ways that support what you energetically need.

i honestly believe, love, that so many of our bodies are doing this to us because they are asking us to slow the f down and relax into our feminine to do biz from here.

to receive love.

to enjoy the simplicity of life. and to re-wire a whole new way of being, in relationship to our work.

i know it’s not easy.

but it’s our bodies asking us to do it all in a different way.

My fav resources for you?

My online bundle for passionate light workers wanting to come online and make a business living their soul light: Magnetic Mentor Academy.

My online course for abundance, money, and miracles: Orgasmic Abundance

I love you,





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