Rushing Toward Orgasm? Try this…

rushing towards orgasm

When one or both partners rush toward orgasm, you lose the chance for a surrendered tantric love fest… 🌸🔑

And it’s subtle.

You can be sitting over there nodding your head like- “Yeah sister! No rushing!”

But if you’re not intentionally aware of the super fine frequencies of your consciousness while making love, there’s a good change you can go deeper with this one.

Here’s the thing:

—> Our bodies are still re-coding that pleasure is healing, powerful, and purposeful.

—> And we were taught that orgasm is the means to an end. The purpose itself.

—> When you’re busy trying to get somewhere, you can’t enjoy where you’re currently at.

Don’t get me wrong: I want you to have exploding orgasms that change your life forever.

But, if the moment pleasure starts dripping in, your brain thinks- “Ok! Here it is! Let’s keep it flowing until I orgasm in release!” you are missing out- and big time.

If, instead, you say to yourself- “Mmm, pleasure… I’m going to relax into this… and trust it.. and exchange it.. and not fear it leaving… and keep it rolling for as long as possible,”… a miracle will happen.

Your connection with your partner and your own body will sky-rocket 👫

You’ll move out of (solely) your Sacral chakra and up into your heart.

You’ll receive the true power of pleasure into your cells 🧬

You’ll experience waves of bliss and laughter, where sex becomes less intimidating and pressured.

And when you do orgasm… wow.

It will not be from trying to get there, but from literally not being able to hold it in any longer.

And it will be… profound.

Long story short:

Find all the ways in which you rush sex.

And luxuriate in it instead.



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