The Most Delicious Dilemma in the Presence of a Conscious King

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The Most Delicious Dilemma in the Presence of a Conscious King 👑

He sees e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.

That little part you’ve tucked around the corner to hide… that too.

You can’t emasculate him.

You can’t manipulate him.

You can’t emotionally knock him down.

He smells your tactics from miles away.

And he won’t shame you.

He doesn’t need to.

He won’t betray you, control you, or try to get you to see his point of view.

So your drama distraction has to fall away.

To love you is his passion.

To fuck you is his gift.

To see you is his pleasure.

So you have to be ready.

To put down your distractions to love.

To let go of the way you sabotage yourself.

To make him ONLY the cherry on top of your own love story with Self.

To ravish yourself.

To show him you can be ravished.

To surrender to be lead.

To let go of the betrayal story you’ve held on to so tightly, and to trust.

In the women’s empowerment movement, this goes against everything we’ve been taught.

But in the presence of this man, all of your habits of control will disappear.

Your questions about relationship disappear too.

Because he just Is.

And that Isness is coded with all of the answers.

His presence is a tower of purpose that can’t get knocked down.

You can feel his character in one simple word.

His boundaries keep his castle chiseled and strong.

And he’ll invite you in, if he sees you are ready.

If you’ve done the work, too.

So you can say you want a Conscious King.

But in this, your Disney story has to die.

Your expectations, shattered.

Your triggers, handled masterfully.

Your archetypes, expressed creatively.

So say you want a Conscious King when you are ready to let go of every slice of your own attachment to suffering.

Because in his presence you see yourself.




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