Two Hot Tips for Receiving Oral

Receiving Oral

2 HOT tips for receiving oral…


1.Imagine you are drinking in his tongue……..

(This one is delectable.)

Imagine your whole body drinking in his energy, his love, your connection, his desire for you, his arousal…

Let yourself get filled up on his code, on his magnificence, on his attraction, on his beauty.

He is literally passing himself sweetly over to you.

When you make out and kiss with tongue its whats happening. You are giving him your energy and he is giving you his.

Same same, when he’s down belowwww.

Drink up the energy and imagine your body soaking him up.

(And I say imagine because it gets you to feel -just- whats actually happening. You are not fantasizing drinking him in… you are just becoming aware of whats actually happening.)


2.Practice Surrendering and Receiving Oral on a Cosmic Level

Let go to not only receive physical sensations because let’s be real… thats heavenly and all but its only the heavenly surface…..

Let yourself learn how to be in receivership on a grand level.

Practice holding more pleasure in your body so you can hold more pleasure in your life.

When you blast yourself into surrendering to him you can also surrender into abundance, bliss, awakening, and joy.

Receive yourself.
Receive The Divine.
Circulate THAT through your body and feel how it feeeeelz.

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Loving you…





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