When He Ejaculates + You Want More

When he ejaculates...but you want more

What do you do when your partner ejaculates but you want more?…..

Do you lay there in silence… reflecting on the victim hood to his now?

Do you tell yourself “it’s fine I don’t really need pleasure anyways”?

Do you fall asleep mad?

Do you allow your frustration the time of day… spilling out into the way you show up in the world?





Your pleasure is holy.

If you want more, you get more.

And that’s that.

It doesn’t have to be with your partner every time especially if they are off in bliss land.

(Although sharing how you want more and giving options for how that could look is part of the flow.)

Like…. you can ask him to use a toy or his fingers to take you deeper in.


Let it be by you.

Take yourself.

Can you imagine?

Honoring your pleasure and your body’s health and vitality SO MUCH that you lay next to him taking yourself to the next edge you want to go?

Tonight I grabbed my crystal wand and went back innnnnn.

My pussy was feeling a little abandoned energetically not because she didn’t already orgasm (I’m usually first) but simply because she wanted more and pussy gets her way 😜💫🦋

I fucking love watching him watch me… and seeing his creativity and arousal turn on again knowing I would honor myself and the relationship in such a way.

Such a moment of inner devotion takes a “Sex is Good” mentality….. Week 1 of Sex Goddess this is what the women are downloading in.

Because I could have said…

“Oh, I already had an orgasm!”

“Whatever, I have other things to do!”


I could ask my body – “What do you actually want?” Yep, you better bet I did that.

Truly it would have been a deep disservice if I got out of that bed without loving myself where I wanted to go.

Ladies: resentment builds when pleasure dies.

Don’t let it happen.

Take yourself.

All the way.

One way or the other.


Your erotic openness is devotion to this world.

Thank you.





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