Why I’m No Longer Using the Term “Higher Self”

higher self

I’m no longer using the term “higher self.”

It doesn’t resonate.

Here’s why:

Every time I’d go to ask my higher self something, I’d look UP.

Up, as in out of my body.

Up, as in not here now.

It felt inauthentic.

Like I was reaching for an answer from a version of me that’s somehow far away.

But if she has the answer and if she can be the guide, isn’t she already within? Not above…?

When this realization came through, I was like.. Okay… so who is she?

I’m now calling her my “integrated self.”

Because she’s in my innermost core.

She’s the one I find as I breakthrough to another layer of love and the fear of opening falls away.

She’s the one I find as I self pleasure practice my way out of scarcity and into peace.

She’s the one that can hold both sides of the coin, and can hear wisdom from masculine and feminine inside.

She’s the one that can fill her own holes, stays self sourced, and has all the intuition in the world.

And she’s not somewhere far away.

I’m already her.

Sometimes I forget, which is why I need to call her name.

Or, you know me, use a sex goddess practice to pleasure my way complete.

But I’m not calling to someone I’m imagining years in the distance.

I’m calling myself home.
Right here.

Take it or leave it but it might work just beautifully for you.



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