You’ll Never Hear me say “I Can’t Afford That”

Never say "I Can’t Afford That"

“I can’t afford that.”

Our words now are creating our bank accounts, later.

What we continuously repeat (first and foremost to ourselves) is what we call in.

Do you wanna call in more of what you can’t afford?

Didn’t think so….😜

So… stop using this phrase.

“I can’t afford that.”

It assumes victimhood.

When you can’t afford something, you are a victim to your job. And to your life. And to this planet. And to others………

But having a pity party about where you are gets you nowhere and I’m certainly not willing to meet you there (I know where that rodeo goes.)

How about this one- “I just need to be practical, I can’t afford it.”

HELLO… being in victimhood is NOT practical..!!!
It’s not rational.
And it’s not healthy.
It’s also not “woo woo” to delete the phrase from your life.
It’s just in alignment with creating the life you actually want.

Here’s the thing:

You are always choosing.

So if you “can’t afford it”… you’re choosing not to be able to afford it.

If you say no to a coach, a program, an event…. whatever it is you are desiring in your life…
Try this:

“I’m choosing to spend my resources elsewhere right now.”

This switch alone will magnetize more abundance into your life and get you a foot farther out of the victim role you wear.

There are most certainly things that I don’t have the money in my bank account to buy.

But when I opt out, its not because I can’t.
It’s because I’m choosing.



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