Your inner shit solved with more cash flow? Think again.

cash flow feeling

Cash flow is not Superman.

It’s not going to miraculously swoop in from your current low vibe depressed way of being and clear the trauma, repressed desire, and unacted upon purpose that you’re sitting in now.

It’s not going to somehow make you and your partner have a stupendous sex life.

The more money I make, this reality becomes ever clear.

Having more money doesn’t clear your scarcity mindset.

It doesn’t release your fear and fucking frustration with the way things are.

And it doesn’t throw conflict and intensity out the window.

(All that inner stuff is your sovereign job… with money or not)

Don’t get me wrong.
Money is good.
I love money.
I love receiving money. Lots of it.
And I think you should receive more and more of it too.

But you need to stop thinking of it as the thing thats going to take away all your problems.

Why? Because….

—> Sitting In Your Current Poop Won’t Bring Future Gold

In order to manifest abundance in your life, you have to be living in a state of abundance right now.

Most people get thrown off the train because they’re like “Well how can I live in abundance now when I have $1000 to my name?”

The abundance that you get to hone in is an INNER game, gorgeous…

What might inner abundance feel like for you?

For me… a state of inner abundance feels like: beauty, organization, ritual, gratitude, synchronicity, pleasure, connection, intimacy, serving, and love.

Now… can any stress, fear, and insecurity about my current money situation sit in any of these categories?

It’s my devotion to bring in these INNER states of being that bring my outer abundance in and shift the scarcity programs out…

(And no I don’t sit on my ass and do nothing to bring in prosperity as you can see – but my actions aren’t coming from fear of not having money. They’re coming from inspiration from my now.)

The truth is, you’d have a lot more progress in your abundance making out with a lover for an hour than you would thinking endlessly about your problems.

(It’s the trap of the mind- it thinks that if it spins for hours on end the problem will be solved.)

But its the other way around.

Get out of the head.
Get into the body.
Feel the abundance of living. Right here.
Your breath is abundant.
Clean water.
Organic food.
A fresh toothbrush.

Drink it in.

Gratitude… for what you have NOW.
Pleasure… within what you have NOW.
Beauty… within what you have NOW.

(Plus a HOT TIP: If your personal money stuff is really up at any given point… do some work to clear it and get into a trusting, inspired space before date night. Bringing that to your beloved is not the sexiest place to be.)

Your inner shit won’t be solved with more cash flow…..
But, solving your inner shit will bring it in!!!!
Little paradoxical beauty…

And if you want to heal your money drama once and for all, you want to get your butt in Orgasmic Abundance.


The scarcity ends there.

Love you.





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