Your Role When He Ejaculates Too Soon

When he ejaculates too soon

ooooof, when he’s rushing to the finish line just as you’re getting started…when he ejaculates too soon…

it has intense and lasting effects on your relationship.⠀⠀⠀


well, 👉🏼 not only does it tell your body + brain that he doesn’t value your pleasure (so he doesn’t value your feminine) but it also communicates somatically that he can’t support, protect, guide, and lead you in life 🤭

if he can’t take you past where you can take yourself… hence where we find SO many relationship problems…. right in the crux of the cum…

if he’s ejaculating within minutes, or far before you’re done, woman…

no, it’s not “your fault”

at the core, it’s his work. his training. his awakening.

but yes, you ABSOLUTELY have a role in this situation.

because let’s be honest.. you can tell 30-180 seconds before he blasts his sacred juice everywhere.

you feel his breath intensify. you might feel his heart numb away from you. he goes faster.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


in that portal.

is your chance.

suck him in to your pleasure by slowing him down.

show him what love feels like by oozing it out of your chest.

grab his gaze with yours and put your hands on his heart.

show him your longing to merge through your breath and the opening of your neck.

guide him for a moment to meet you.

these words are just guides.

because you actually know how to do this in the core of your womb.

just connect. drop in. ask your body.

“how do i draw him back in to me?”

and do that.

don’t numb out.

forget the fear about bringing your priestess online.

and serve the both of you with all that you are.





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