Confused about what to create?

Create face

Confused about what to create?

The coaches
the entrepreneurs
the mentors
the healers
the artists

I see them all coming online right now in a big, big, big way.

If you’re one of those people Ashae, and anything like me…

You are getting a big PING in your gut, saying:

“Show up! And serve!”

Now, I’m only talking to you if you’re getting that ping.

If you’re getting a message like… “Relax, take it easy, don’t do a thing, take care of yourself, have fun” I want you to listen to that message, too.

Some people who have been running their system heavily are getting that cue.

But again, if you’re anything like me… Spirit is asking you to show the F up and serve right now.

Like there is no better time.

And this morning, as the offering for my next course was downloading in…

I remembered what it felt like at times in my life where I felt blocked around my creations.

Like… there was something that wanted to come through me… but I couldn’t quite access it.

Do you ever feel that?

Do you feel that now?

Like you want to show up and serve… but you’re confused about what to offer…

Oooooooof, it’s frustrating. I know.

You feel all this deep wisdom within you… but it’s not moving.

(You’d know, because you’d be making a lot of money AKA being energetically received and given back to… if it was moving.)

Here’s the thing my love.

Confusion about what to offer comes from a disconnect from your inner feminine.

Your oracle.
Your ability to see what your people need.

Confusion about what to offer comes from not trusting her.

Her vision.

Her desire.

Her sight.

And ohhhhhh I am so excited to support you with this in my new course, coming soon……………

(Excited yet?!!!!?!)

But first I want to share a few things that can help you MOVE your creations forward TODAY.

1.Feel your mother effing feelings!!!!!!

Your creativity WILL be blocked when you don’t let yourself feel. When you’re holding gunk in your heart, you will naturally be sucked more into your masculine- and your brain will try to take over. But your best creations don’t come from your brain… they come from your HEART! So feel. My best tool to help you feel? The tool I used this morning to take me out of my own suffering? The tool I want every woman on the planet to use? This.

2.Stop telling yourself you’re crazy!!!!!!

OMG… How many times have you gotten an idea for a course or an offering or a workshop or a coaching session etc… but then you’ve been like…. “nah, nobody would want that” or “nah, I don’t think I can do that”…

Gross… 😉 lol and I can say that because I do it to myself all the time~!!

Babe- you wouldn’t be getting the message to create something if it wasn’t yours to create. End of story.

3.Sit down at your journal/phone/computer today and start just writing.

Write for 15 minutes. Nobody has to see it.

You can use the prompt- “What wants to come through me right now?”

See what happens….

Because more than serving or making money or helping the world let’s just be honest,

It hurts to have something to create and to hold it in.

You were made to give.

You were made to channel.

You were made to allow the words and the creations and the offerings a chance.

So if you are called to create and serve right now (and make a shit ton of money for it) I salute you.

I am you.

And something magnificent is coming…..




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