Manifesting is not passive

manifesting is not passive

You can’t be “manifesting ways to make money” without consistently showing up and doing the thing that you know brings sales. 🤭🤯

#butreally this is mind boggling to me.

To be telling yourself that “it’ll come it’ll come it’ll come” when you actually do nothing about it + still hold scarcity codes in your body…. lol

Yes there are miraculous ways to receive money in The Universe when you are deep in your abundance code.

And yet still-

For the most part

You manifest money

Because you ASK FOR IT.

You make an offer.

You share your gift.

You put yourself out in the world.

My business is successful because I give.

I create.

I open doors.

I ask for money and lovingly receive it.

It’s not rocket science.

But you do have to choose to show up for it again and again.

Your relationship with money is like any relationship.

You can’t go on one date and expect to spend the rest of your life together.

You nurture the relationship.

Manifesting works the same way.

And you show up to it – and re choose it- every. single. day.

Choosing abundance is choosing marriage to the divine.




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