Self sabotage or self care?

self care or self sabotage?

I woke up a zillion times last night in my sleep. Not fun. Not deep.

And this morning, I noticed a little self sabotage pattern alive…

The voice goes something like this-

“Babe, you had such a hard night… just do nothing today. Don’t meditate. Don’t move your body. Don’t write. How about a movie?”

The reason this is a self sabotage pattern is because it’s me basically telling myself- “Because you experienced non-pleasure… you might as well continue to experience it for the rest of the day.”

My brain likes to trick me to think that skipping my juice and all the things I know bring bliss to my existence would somehow make me feel better after an already hard night??

Nah. Goodbye. I caught it.

I was like… “I hear you baby. I know you had a hard night. But continuing in that stream will NOT make you feel better.”

And I took her to the mat.

With mantra.

And my journal.

And we got to work.

What’s pleasurable to me right now?

Serving myself and others.

Doing my work.

Allowing the message to come through.

Laying in the sun channeling ideas.


So why would I do anything else?

Self sabotage.

Working on your soul biz and taking care of yourself should feel good.

If it’s in alignment and it’s coming from your heart, it’s what lights you up.

That doesn’t mean you don’t have to “work” for it.

But it’s what brings the deepest soul pleasure.

So, follow that.

And ask yourself continuously WHY you CHOOSE any other reality…..




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