Do you stay to “work it out” before you trust your NO?

trust your no

Love, have you ever made yourself stay in a situation/relationship/collaboration because part of you told you you’d be crazy to leave???

The voice usually sounds like this-

“But it’s such a great opportunity!”

“But there might not be anything better for you!”

“But maybe you’re missing something!”

“But you’ve already paid!”

And then what do you do?

Essentially, you stay and do shadow work on your GIFT OF INTUITION.

You stay and try to “work it out” and process all of the ways why your inner voice is wrong.

“I wanted to have sex earlier, so my body saying no right now is probably off!”

“I should get all the publicity possible, so I’ll say yes to this podcast even though something really doesn’t sit well about it!”


And… yep.

On the path of awakening into your greatest leader (and lover)

You will ABSOLUTELY need to say a big fat NO to a lot of things and a lot of people.

You will have to have hard conversations.

You will have to give up on potential opportunities.

You will have to feel confused about what comes next after you drop the thing that’s not working.



And you listened.

But guess what that listening does, my love?

It opens you up to all of the opportunities and creative projects that your soul is actually here for.

Today, I woke up with this itching feeling inside that something wasn’t right.

I have a call today with beautiful humans I’ve been collaborating with.

After my morning journaling session of like “WTF #^%*^## what is wrong here and why don’t I feel inspired and is this shadow and what do I do and what’s going on?!!?!?!!”

What came out in my journal was that at the deepest level its just not in alignment with me.

It’s not something I feel lit up about.

And I heard all of the voices inside.

“But these are amazing men demonstrating divine masculine qualities and you want to be around people like that!”

“But the people who join get so much out of it!”

“But it’s not about the money!”

“But you can just grudge your way by. Your pleasure doesn’t matter. It’s just like 8 hours out of your month.”

“Stop being so selfish.”

And when all that’s happening… oh my goodness love it’s so hard to actually catch it because those thoughts are really trying to convince me (you) to bypass inner truth.

As I kept journaling I realized that an ongoing collaboration with ANYONE doesn’t feel quite right in this moment.

And it didn’t have anything to do with them but just where my business is asking me to take it.

And so… in about an hour I will be having that challenging conversation of bringing my truth and deciding (even after a successful call last week) that I can no longer be apart of the project.



Ouch, because sometimes it hurts to follow intuition and soul truth.

But on the other side of that ouch, DIVINE INSPIRATION.

I swear, as soon as I decided that it was a no, I felt a rush of energy enter directly into my chakra system and all of this light came back to me.


Because listening feels good.

I’ve gotten my own room inside of a house with my partner because I’ve listened to my inner goddess needing space.

I’ve said no to many podcasts because it wasn’t in my highest excitement.

I’ve stopped coaching programs (even when I’d paid in advance) because it no longer felt right, and then I’ve signed up for other programs/coaches on top of it because it’s what did.

I’ve turned down so many offers to be featured.

And some of you may be like “Well you may be MORE FAMOUS RICH WHATEVER” lol if you listened….

But I agree to disagree.

I believe that I grow in my financial abundance, in my confidence, and in my creativity when I deeply listen to that inner voice.

It’s brought me to the most soul aligned clients.

It’s brought me to doing work and scheduling my life in a way that lifts my whole being up to the skyyyyyyy.

It’s really taught me that although listening is scary, it’s the way.

So babe, this is an email to remind you to listen.

To trust the nudges.

Even when its scary.

Say yes to the investments that arrive you into your highest self seat.

Say no to the opportunities that feel like stuffing your genius in a box.

It’s so worth it.

You become your most powerful self in the process.


To divine inspiration and trusting the inner voice,



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