Hustle vs. Feminine Flow in Business

feminine flow

Let me guess…

Someone recently told you that you have to do business from your soft inner feminine.

Am I right?

And then…….

The next person told you that you have to hustle and discipline yourself to make it work.

Leaving you…
–> Confused
–> Wanting to serve yourself and your business but not having clarity about which way to turn
–> Judging your daily actions and going to sleep feeling like you over worked or didn’t do enough…

I get it, because I’ve cycled through the same thing.
So, I want to share with you where I’ve landed.

I used to think that I had to wait for a monumental personal shift to occur in order to write, be of service, or share a download.

Looking back, sure- I was operating from a beautiful feminine integrity and teaching myself to share from truth.

But at the same time, it set me up to be hyper ME-focused, which actually potentiated more “problems” to hurdle over before I could show up and share.

It wasn’t balanced.
It was so much about me that I went digging… even when there was nothing wrong.
Because I wasn’t strong to my core with my purpose (a masculine energetic)… I went goose egg hunting for something to process..process..process…

Sound familiar?

You stop yourself from showing up because you have to “heal yourself more” or get through your own shit?

Guess what?
There is always more 
And you are enough now.
But more on that later.

I realize now, that time was super important.
I was giving my feminine all the space she wanted. I was putting her first. I was learning to speak from the pleasure place after the storm.

But I was also very much so not integrated with my inner masculine.

My emotions were all over the place.. and that was strongly seen in the nature of the drama in my intimate relationship. I couldn’t hold it together at all.

What I’ve realized over time is that its not about “doing business from your feminine” although I might say that sometimes to catch the heart of those operating from what they “should do” vs. what is actually aligned…

It’s about finding your own unique way to share your unique message from your unique heart while honoring your unique body and soul.

So before, when I was “doing business only from my feminine” I was only showing up when “I felt like it” but internally I was feeling lost, disempowered, and like I didn’t have any direction. Just like I was floating in the wind.

That feeling was reflected in every one of my launches, in how I held myself to people I was meeting and communicating with, and ALSO it was reflected in how strong I could hold abundance/divinity/creator consciousness.

I now, regularly, show up for my business very consistently. Monday through Friday baby.
Because it feels good.
It serves me and the world.
And I honestly wouldn’t want to be doing anything else.

How I make sure my feminine doesn’t get left behind?

I spend hours in the morning just for me, just for her.

And I come back to that place regularly.

I hand over the mic to my inner man when SHE feels so fucking full. That’s the rule.

But I also have DISCIPLINE to MAKE SURE she GETS FULL. That’s the key.

I also always take 48 hours when my moon drops every month to simply listen and that could mean working if it feels right- there are no rules- but I give her space to rule.

Alsoooooo!!!! If there is ever a DEEP INNER PROCESS that just has to happen and I would feel blocked until I get all the way through it… I go into it!

Even if its Monday to Friday 

I go within so I can pop out on the other side.

But yeah………

Now I don’t have to create problems and hyper-focus on my emotional state because my inner man is rocking life with me.

My relationships are better.

My business is not only having more stable $35-$55k months… But I AM PERSONALLY HAVING MORE STABLE MONTHS.

My emotions are stable.

My inner confidence is landed.

And thiiiiissssssss divine balance is what you will be coded with and creating with inside Feel, Channel, Receive.

I hopeeeeeeeeee you join us.

Because you get to find your inner biz marriage inside as well.

Send me a PM, reach out, hop over to my inbox  if you’re curious about learning more.


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