You lustful feminine hoe… you want so much

lustful feminine

Sister, do you ever feel like you WANT SO MUCH that maybe you’re just some crazy lustful feminine hoe?!!!?!!


It feels really wild to say this and admit it but like… I want it all, and I’m not willing to settle for anything less.

I want roaring orgasms that leave me forgetting my name after having an $80k day.

I want a cosmic union with the man who’s rising just as fast as me.

I want to never ever ever have to “worry” about money and simply live from overflow.

I want a big ass online following, and to have Universal impact that touches millions.

I want it all.

And I’ll be honest with you…

Most of the time my mind is like… “Yeah you badass awakened babe… get it!”

And other times she turns into some religious monk and is like… “Desire is the root of all evil, Ashae. Eat an apple and be happy.”

Lol- and I’ve gone through the battle back and forth so many times before.

The dance between….




So, I want your vote.

Tell me now.

Which has a more ELECTRIC energy?

Which has a more LIFE AFFIRMING and ENLIVENING energy?

Which has an energy that says “THIS IS AN ABUNDANT WORLD”?

You better bet it.

Believing desire is believing in a good fucking world.

A world that believes nothing is random and every desire is truly a piece of your soul.

When you shove your desire away, you shove your feminine expansion away as well. Your orgasmic potential, stuffed into an old moldy closet.

Love, I want to share with you who I’ve become on my lustful feminine path of claiming all that I want.

Because I’m so lustful for a VERY potent union with a King that blows the world into love, I’ve transcended my codependency patterns, toxic attachment styles, and emasculation habits that were keeping me in my victimized little girl.

Because I’m so lustful for millionsssss of followers and dollarsI’ve created a multi-six figure business that supports me in getting my message out, taking care of my body, creating a lifestyle that I deeply love and want to live.

Because I’m so lustful for my own abundance, I treat nobody like a victim to their money story…for I know what it takes to get here and I help hundreds of women arrive to the same.

Because I’m so lustful for the deepest penetration and sex that washes away every concern and awakens my priestess, I’ve moved past some of my strongest sexual shadow and have gone from sex that literally hurts to being able to have cervical orgasms that change my life.

Because I’m so lustful for my fullest self and expression to be out, I’ve released the sexual shame that told me not to show up in my flirtatious, and often triggering self.

Because I’m so lustful for my own self love and adoration, I show up to my spiritual and sensual practice every single day which helps me see who I really am so I can blast that being out to you and the world.

Because I’m so lustful for everything that I want, I have become my best self.

I no longer have shitty boundaries.

I trust my intuition like its golden truth.

I blast resistance out of my field.

I look at myself in the mirror and I see integral beauty.

I receive all the money that I want.

I touch my body in pleasure and dance in what it means to be woman.

All because I let myself lust.

All because I let myself desire.

Desire, my friend… is your way back home.

Because as you follow the path of your gimme-gimme-yum-yums, you find all the lost pieces they told you you couldn’t be.

A woman who makes a lot of money AND who’s in her feminine surrender too.

A woman who actually WANTS sex and oozes it out of her every single move.

A woman who embodies freedom. Period.

All parts of your genius are held in your dark desire for money, sex, pleasure, and love.

So if you’re a lustful woman like me.. I dare you to claim it.


Doors to Feel, Channel, Receive just officially opened, and I am personally inviting you to claim your desire to GET PAID TO AWAKEN.

FCR is the first of its kind.

It’s a 30 day party for the sensual leader or leader to be.

So if you’re ready to finally say yes to your business (for the first time) or for the zillionth time with new downloads and tools to keep you energetically inspired all the way… you want to be there.

Inside, you will get the PRACTICAL andddddd the ENERGETIC tools and practices that have given me a consistent multi-6-figure business all from feminine flow.

So juicy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Time for me to go relax now 😉

Just don’t forget.

Your desires are holy.


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Ashae Sundara is a leadership coach for the most magical women on the planet.

Her life’s work is in healing the universal feminine heart.

Money. Embodiment. Energy. Sex.  And Soul.

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