Becoming a match for what you desire.

Becoming a match for what you desire

Becoming a match for what you desire comes in incremental steps.

I remember in a course a few years ago, I was learning how to be in energetic alignment with becoming a millionaire.

And I couldn’t do it.

It felt too far away…

Like a dream…

👉🏼 If you’ve ever felt like your desires are TOO FAR AWAY, you’re probably feeling stuck and like manifestation doesn’t work.

It does.

You just have to go smaller, for now.

You have to be able to feel – “Yes, this is available to me! Yes, I can have this! Yes, of course!”

Since a million felt too far away, I let myself feel the energetic alignment to having 100k in my bank account.

And then 200k.

I went smaller, because I could GET BEHIND 20k months, at the time.

I could GET BEHIND these smaller amounts.

My nervous system could process and hold them…

Again, it has to feel like an edge but also a reachable edge, in your body, in your life, and in your now.

I am so damn excited to say that I actually am a FULL MATCH for millions, now.

In my body.
In my third eye.
In clear knowingness, it’s happening.
I feel it on its way.

But again… it’s only because I went smaller, and let myself take incremental steps to get there.

Manifestation is always a bit edgy because you’re creating in thin air what doesn’t exist now.

But if you get too far ahead of yourself, you won’t be able to see the daily small action steps + grounded feeling in your body of having it now.


Babes I’m getting ready to open Orgasmic Abundance for the second round and holy woah am I excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!

You can have whateva you likeeeee…..😉



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