How I set intentions for business, sex and life.

An intention is an anchor.

With practice, it can take you out of your mind and in to your heart.

It can steer your day, your pu$$y, and your business in the direction that you please.

And let’s be real: we all need anchoring.

The mind will wander if we don’t catch it and rock the boat back to shore.

Here’s the vibe… 😏

✨ I simply ask myself: “How do I want to feel?”

👉🏼 And then I choose an intention to anchor me into that feeling.

In the morning, I write it in my journal. It helps me filter every business decision and daily action, which keeps me in alignment to my values and truth. Aka embodiment. Aka integrity. Aka leadership. Aka abundance. 😜

At the beginning of a self pleasure or sexual experience, I let an intention come to me. I might choose “Go as slow as possible” if I want to feel tender and soft afterwards. I might choose “Fun + Creativity” if I want to feel awake and silly afterwards. Doing so keeps me out of my sexual judgment and let’s me experience new waves of pleasure and bliss. Aka harmony. Aka union. Aka being well fucked. Aka feminine radiance 😜

I set intentions before evenings out with friends… to be in flow.

I set intentions before I go to sleep at night to bless up my shut eye and subconscious world…

And If I don’t have a specific set intention, I just choose simply presence.

Presence takes me everywhere I need to go.

My intention today?


I know it’s the simplest of things but it’s usually the simplest of things that we forget.



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