Leaning into resistance.


What if resistance was saying— “Wait until you’re fully aroused!”…? 😌🔥💦

Here’s the lie you’ve been told.

“Resistance is bad!”

Kill it.
Move past it.
Let go of it.

Yes, we get to do these things.

But the feminine way?


I don’t see my resistance as bad or wrong.

I thank it.

It is a teacher.

Usually if I am feeling resistance it’s because it’s asking me to take a moment BEING in a certain ENERGY… or doing a special thing… before saying a big fucking yes to the thing I am resisting.

It guides me into ease.

It helps me make everything a lot more fluid!

👏🏼 But that’s only because I don’t make it wrong.

I say.. “Mmm.. okay… interesting… what are you asking?”

And I follow.

What if resistance were not forever, but for a moment?

An intuitive hit.

What if your resistance was guiding you to wait to do the thing until you were fully aroused? 🥂✨

It’s like this: your legs aren’t WIDE OPEN ready to be penetrated after 30 seconds of a kiss.

Foreplay is needed.

Your legs closed is not a NO FOREVER. Your legs closed = resistance… FOR THE MOMENT. Just until arousal hits 😉🚀🤣💦

Think of all resistance that way.

It’s the same thing.

Don’t run from it. Shame it. Disown it. Tell yourself you’re not worthy because of it.


You will find that it clears once you lean in.

The inspiration hits once you’ve made it okay.



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Ashae Sundara is a leadership coach for the most magical women on the planet.

Her life’s work is in healing the universal feminine heart.

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