The secret behind a successful launch.

secret of a successful launch

So you want to have a successful launch… 🥂✨👑

First of all, I promise you, it gets easier over time sparky.

If you’re committed to having a successful launch, you will.

When you keep listening, keep investing, and keep doing the inner work.

End of story.

(Key word: *COMMITTED*)

Marching onward from a place of-

“I can’t do anything else but this.”
“My message and my offerings are needed in the world.”
“All I have to do now is play the online game.”

I remember feeling like such a fraud, thinking… “nobody in my audience likes me” when I’d launch a thing and then pretty much crickets…

But, newsflash gorgeous creator you:

✨ Some launches will go really well and others won’t and NONE of that has to do with YOUR WORTH.

None of that has to do with who you are or what you have to offer the world.

Check YO’self!!!!

These are the things:

1️⃣ Your Energy: You, holding space for an absolute miracle + nothing less.

2️⃣ Your Alignment: to the sale… even happening. Like… do you even want to launch? Do you believe in the product? Are you coming from what you think you should do or from your inner knowing?

3️⃣ Your Strategy: There is a lot to learn about selling online… + although I operate through major freedom + intuition in launches, it’s only because I have strategy up my sleeve 😜

4️⃣ Your Ability to Hold the Field: for a YES or many! How long can you be the captain of the boat waiting to welcome passengers inside?

If you open a launch and then get turned off, tune in: is it even aligned?


You will be scared.

And you will move through the fear.

And you will surprise yourself.

And you will rock your world.

It’s the only way.



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