Want to feel desired? Here’s the key.

There is a question I ask myself often that opens me into red hot OWNERSHIP, wild proportions of ECSTASY, and truthful INTEGRITY to my work.

It is a question that blasts out the illusion of blame and victimhood in all dimensions of my life.

It is a question that everyone gets to ask their sweet inner feminine who wants nothing else but to be DESIRED and seen for her beauty, her radiance, her wisdom, her sex.


It goes a little something like this:

“If he/they walked in on me right now… would he/they want to ravish me/pay me/love me?”


Read it again 😉

“If he walked in on me RIGHT NOW… would he want to shatter me into a billion pieces of sensual delight?”
“If she walked in on me right now… would she want to sign up for my mastermind?”
“If they walked in on me right now… would they want to befriend me, support me, receive love from me?”

Right now as in IN THIS PRESENT MOMENT- the only moment that exists.

Not later, when you choose to dance.
Not later, when you choose to go to yoga class.
Not later, when you choose to hike.

Right now as in would they want you in every moment of your every day?
If they were a fly on the wall.. watching your every move… would they want you?
Would they desire you?
Would you desire you?
Do you desire you?

Watch how you are breathing in this moment.
Watch how you are sitting.
Watch how you are judging.

This is how you start living a life in alignment to the deepest truth that lives in you.

This is how you start living a life that breathes devotional alignment and true abundance.

Funnily enough, as you start desiring yourself in all the moments of your life in more intense delight… the world can’t help but MIRROR the same.

You fucking soak in your own sense of desire for you and then BAM… you drip it out into every single area of your life… they FEEL it… they no longer are responsible for SUPPLYING that feeling to you like they did in all their other codependent relationships… your SOVEREIGNTY to feel how you want to feel is HOT… and then you become a magnet.

Money, men, love, clients. Attracted to your present moment self love and pleasure.

And yes, you can source pleasure and desire in your anger, in your frustration, in your sadness.

Being turned on does NOT mean suppressing life.

It does NOT mean being in some false field of chasing the next best thing and only “feeling good.”

It means sourcing a texture of relaxation and surrender in all of the moments.

It means leaning back into your sense of confidence for who you are.

Simple. Clear.

The trick is that when you start imagining that they are a fly on the wall.. you can’t help but shift yourself into pleasure. Into peace. Into the thinking and the breathing and the living that looks like LIFE ITSELF.

You can’t help but TURN ON and commit to living life from this place.

Integrity. Integrity. Integrity.

Sweet ones-

Wanting to feel desired has more to do with your relationship to YOU and to GOD than it has to do with your partner pushing you up against the wall, your lover whispering sweet nothings into your ear, your clients coming back for more, or the world liking and saving all that you have to share…

If you have this craving to feel desired by your partner or the world, ohhhhh goodness it is pointing you straight back to you.

Until you take ownership over your own system- how you want to feel- you will project it out into the world.

I was definitely a master at this, so I get it.

The thing is- this inner desire work TAKES WORK.

It is an every moment and every day decision.

No small feat for a person who has spent a good portion of life going- “But you don’t make me feel sexy!”

Make it nobody’s job.

And then watch the mirror around you.

Make it nobody’s job.

And then receive as the masculine energetic in all of life CANNOT HELP but blast you open with blessings from beyond.

Embody that which you desire to feel and you are free.

#ravishme #payme #loveme

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Ashae Sundara is a leadership coach for the most magical women on the planet.

Her life’s work is in healing the universal feminine heart.

Money. Embodiment. Energy. Sex.  And Soul.

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