Do you sabotage love?

You stop playing into any energetics of revenge in relationship when you recognize that it’s only an unconscious attempt to hurt yourself.

Awakened and embodied, the other person IS you.

At a certain point, it’s no theory.

You feel their heart as yours.

One of the same.

I KNOW if you’re ready this you’ve thought to yourself…

“I’m not going to answer the text, I’ll show them!”

“I’m going to ask for space, I’ll show them!”

“I’m going to yell in their face, I’ll show them!”

“I’m going to listen to what they need to tell me, but then I’m going to tell them all the ways they are wrong, I’ll show them!”

Any “they need to get the point” or “I’ll show them how they hurt me” is unconscious revenge and it will always bite you in the ass 🙄

Mhmmmmm, it takes COURAGE to sit down in a seat of LOVE when your hearts been hurt and traumatized in the past.

But babes- you clear your karma in REAL TIME.

Not in sessions where your healers doing all the work for you……


⚔️You clear your karma by actively choosing different WITHIN relationship in the NOW⚔️

All of my oldest attempts to sabotage LOVE ITSELF have died.

That’s what the devotion is toward.

Sure, to the partner and perfect pure soul in front of you.

But even deeper-

What draws it all home-

Is my (our) devotion to love itself.

To the whole.

When your devotion is to the depths of LOVE itself- your patterns can’t hold.

You have to start witnessing the shadow and doing the work to show up for truth.

We are love warriors… 🌹🐍🖤🧬

Changing up our DNA and our lifetimes of hurt NOW.

What a beautiful time to be alive 💎



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Ashae Sundara is a leadership coach for the most magical women on the planet.

Her life’s work is in healing the universal feminine heart.

Money. Embodiment. Energy. Sex.  And Soul.

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