Moving from emasculation to empowerment

If you’re convincing yourself to stay in relationship because “you see his higher self” but you secretly keep trying to change multiple aspects of who he is and how he is showing up IN THE PRESENT MOMENT- you are in habitual and sneaky emasculation patterns and you are absolutely contributing to the kind of relationship you’re desperately searching everywhere to get out of.

There’s just no way around it.

In an empowered, sovereign, and healthy connection the feeling is- “I fucking love who you are, and who you are being. If nothing ever changed about you, I’d be happy. And yet, change and evolution is constant, and I’m here for the growth.” 💞

End of story.

👉🏼Love is created upon a foundation of presence.

Not story – “we are twin flames!” “this is my King!” “Are we forever?”


In the present, “You are perfect as you are.”
In the present, “I see your greatness.”
In the present, “I want you.”

For those of you freaking out… hold your horses 😽😉🙌🏼

✨If you haven’t learned to take ownership over your relational trauma, embody love, reverse the damage of emasculation, invite intimacy, evoke that which you want to feel through him… if you haven’t learned how to hold boundaries to what isn’t love, open past your yearning, and devote to the high heart of love itself… there’s still hope for you, and lots of it hehehe 😈✨

A lot of times, you’re trying to get him to change because YOU are not LIVING the LOVER you know you are inside.

And then you blame it on him.

But that’s about to change.

I’m about to teach you how to embody feminine pleasure as devotion and invite intimacy and his dark side through your deepest love.

Now can he always meet you there? Nope, not always.

But you have to take yourself to a place where you’re okay with that.. because you know you will be met. Eventually. With this lover or the next.

The relationship you want is within you.

All you gotta do is say yes.

Want support in fully embodying the love and union you desire? I’ll teach you all about that inside of INITIATRESS 🤍👑⚡️



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Ashae Sundara is a leadership coach for the most magical women on the planet.

Her life’s work is in healing the universal feminine heart.

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